China’s Cultural Revolution 2.0

For years now, we have been writing about how the CCP is becoming increasingly authoritarian and with that, increasingly less tolerant of foreigners and foreign businesses. When we first started writing these things, the ratio of negative to positive emails and comments was roughly 2 to 1. Now, the ratio of negative to positive emails and comments has completely flipped, as more and more companies are seeing what is happening and looking for an exit — rising shipping costs and tariffs and slowing delivery times (due in large part to COVID) are not exactly helping matters. See Asia Manufacturing, COVID and Sky-High Shipping Costs.

Perhaps most importantly and most tellingly is that a number of our clients are telling us that they will never go to China “ever again” (even after COVID) because they do not believe they can do so safely.

Are these people being overly cautious or are they the ones best able to read the writing on the wall?

I ask everyone read this article and let us know your thoughts on this. Is there a role for foreigners in China today? What about a year from now? What do you see happening to foreigners in China? Will China have another Cultural Revolution or something similar? How important is China’s economy to the CCP? Is this article just a one time thing and nothing significant? Is it just a trial balloon that will be rejected by China’s citizenry? Or is it essentially a call to make China more nationalistic and more authoritarian. Will China, as this author (who is clearly condoned and even encouraged by the CCP) predicts, cease to “be a paradise for effeminate stars and . . . a place for the worship of Western culture”? Is the author accurate in saying that in China, “the red has returned, the heroes have returned, and the grit and valor have returned.”

What will China look like one year from now? Three years from now? Will China become a huge North Korea? A Nazi Germany? No different from today? Please, please, please share your thoughts, and if you do not want your name attached to your comments, feel free to post anonymously or even to email us and have us post your comments for you.

No matter what, please read the article and keep your eyes and ears open because it is likely China will see “profound transformations to be felt by all.”

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