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All of a sudden there are a lot of really good podcasts on China. The China lawyers at my firm have been regularly listening to the following China podcasts and if you want to learn more about China or about doing business in China, you too should be listening to at least some of them:

  • The Cool Aid, which describes itself as being about “surprising personal experiences in China business.” Cool Aid is part of BizCult, which is a very good blog. [links no longer exist]
  • CBC Search Engine. CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and this show is about “how technology is affecting society, and understandably, the conversation often includes a discussion of China.”
  • The China Business Network. This one is excellent. [link no longer exists] This one is part of the rightfully venerated Danwei blogging empire. [links no longer exist]
  • MarketPlace Public Radio. Check out its Asia category, which is dominated by stories on China.”Scott Teng, NPR’s lead guy in Shanghai always keep it interesting.
  • China Business Blog and Podcast. This is done by Kent Kedl of Technomic Asia and I too am a huge fan. [link no longer exists]

Any other China podcasts worthy of mention?

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  1. I agree that podcasts generally are not as effective as the written word unless something about the content demands audio (or video) (eg language learning).
    Which is why Mandarin language podcasts are so useful. BBC and Deutshe-Welle both produce decent Mandarin language podcasts. And, of course, there’s Chinesepod.
    There’s a more extensive list of Chinese language podcasts here:

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