China Product Outsourcing: Everything You Need to Know

Made in China does not have to mean made badly in China.

I just this week learned of a ChinaImportal article, Recommended import from China forums & blogs, written about two years ago, in which, Fredrik Grönkvis, an experienced China sourcing agent, cites to the two China blogs he reads “on an almost daily basis” and highlights posts from those two blogs he sees as critical for outsourcing from China. The two blogs are ours and Renaud Anjoran’s Quality Inspection Blog, of which I too am a huge fan.

Here is what Fredrik has to say:

China Law Blog. It’s amazing these guys hasn’t written a book yet (or am I wrong?). While is not focused only on importing (it covers a ton of China business related topics) it’s still a must read for small businesses and startups sourcing from China. Below I list a few posts I think you should read:

Quality Inspection Blog. This blog is focused on China importing and Quality Assurance and most posts are written for small to medium sized enterprises. I can confess that I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from during the development of The infographics are another great reason to visit this blog. Nobody makes AQL and QC as easy to understand as these guys. These are the posts you should read today:

The above are great lists of what to read for practical help on China outsourcing. Anyone have anything to add?

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  1. I’ve been involved in trying to fully understand many of these articles and others by the same authors for years and I can’t recommend them enough. China is populated by many millions of people who have learned how to survive by being tricky, and they will take advantage of you if they can. You can count on this.
    I guarantee, you will find it to your advantage to become familiar with this amazing wealth of practical knowledge!
    Kirk Alcond

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