China Plant Closures: May 25 Webinar

I was recently talking with Alex Bryant, President of East West Associates, a global consultancy, about what our two firms have been seeing lately with China. We mostly talked about how foreign companies — particularly American companies — are increasingly looking to decrease their manufacturing exposure to China, by moving some or all of their production elsewhere in Asia or to Mexico or Eastern Europe. We were having this discussion because Alex and his company have a long history assisting businesses on the operational and risk end of international manufacturing.
I mentioned how leaving China is more complicated from a legal perspective than most realize. See Moving Your Manufacturing Out of China: The Initial Decisions, How to Move Your Manufacturing Out of China Safely and How NOT to Lose Your Shirt When Having Your Product Made Overseas for some indicators of this. Not surprisingly, Alex told me the same is true on the operational side as well, especially when it comes to decisions surrounding closing, consolidating and relocating manufacturing facilities. He then briefly explained to me why this was the case and suggested I attend his firm’s upcoming May 25 webinar on exactly that. I looked at that webinar here and I will be attending, but I also realized that it will make sense for many of our readers to attend that webinar as well, hence the reason for this post.
On Tuesday, May 25, starting at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Alex and his firm will be putting on a one hour free webinar on China Plant Closures, Consolidation & Relocation. Alex sent me the following in an email regarding the webinar:

A number of companies are evaluating the closure, consolidation or relocation of their China-based operations – their reasons include:

  1. Reconfiguration of their global manufacturing and supply chain footprint
  2. Their business case for the China operation is no longer applicable in the current business environment
  3. Lowering their operating costs and improving profitability
  4. Product over-capacity in the marketplace
  5. Need to direct resources and capital to other more profitable divisions
  6. Increase of local and foreign competition

EWA [East West Associates] has closed, consolidated & relocated over 65 manufacturing plants in China. Thus, we have developed a webinar providing our unique perspective addressing the key risks/challenges and solutions as well as 5 case studies describing how other manufacturers overcame the challenges.

Several of the key challenges include:

  1. Retaliation against company equipment and other employees
  2. Work stoppage and sit-ins
  3. Theft/Sabotage of products, materials, Intellectual Property (IP)
  4. Managing the termination and severance process
  5. Misunderstanding of China’s cultural aspects

Webinar Moderator:

  • Alex Bryant, President & Founder of East West Associates

Webinar Speakers:

  • Dan McLeod, Director at East West Associates
  • Jay Hoenig, Director at East West Associates

Go here to learn more about the presenters and go HERE to register.