Our China Entertainment Lawyer is Rocking the Movie Biz

Our law firm’s lead China entertainment lawyer (and regular CLB contributor), Mathew Alderson, was just named by Variety Magazine as one of 50 “Game-Changing Attorneys” who “rock the [entertainment law] biz.”  And, hey, we couldn’t be prouder.  The list consists of those “attorneys whose recent deals and court battles have changed the shape of entertainment.” Mathew and Yu Rong, from the Hylands Law Firm, are the only China-based attorneys to have made the list.

Variety had this to say about Mathew:

Mathew Alderson
Harris Bricken, Beijing
University of Queensland, Australia, 1989
Over the past 18 months Alderson has advised on various ventures between Chinese and foreign partners, including feature co-productions, theatrical joint ventures and post-production alliances. The latter have included a number of 3D initiatives — a hot area in China. This work has put him at the point of convergence between China’s production, post and exhibition businesses. “Here in China there are no ancillaries, there’s very little legitimate income stream other than box office, so people are very focused on box office,” Alderson says. “The only way to fully access box office is to co-produce, because co-productions are entitled to a higher box office share than foreign imports.”

We like it.

If you are interested in China movie law, check out the following posts Mathew has written for us:

3 responses to “Our China Entertainment Lawyer is Rocking the Movie Biz”

  1. A very hearty CONGRATULATIONS on the Variety honor, and thank you for the continuing enlightening posts on the entertainment field — and that comes from a fellow entertainment/ IP-IT lawyer here in China.
    Do allow me, though, to point out that in fact there was another China-based lawyer who is listed on that exalted 50 “Game-Changing Attorneys” roster — that would be my colleague here at Hylands Law Firm, Ms. Yu Rong.

    • My bad. I missed her and I apologize and I have corrected the post to add Ms. Yu Rong as another Beijing-based lawyer who made the cut.  Thanks for spotting this and for pointing it out. 

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