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Ad Age’s Top 20 China Blogs

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Advertising Age Magazine just came out with its list of 20 Blogs Marketers to China Should Be Reading and I like it and not just because it lists China Law Blog — though I will admit I have trouble seeing past that. I like it because it provides a diverse list of blogs, every one of which I consider good.

I like how it includes well deserved classics like Danwei and Peking Duck, deep think blogs like James Fallows, top newcomer blogs like China Smack, not boring legal blogs, China Hearsay and IP Dragon, and cutting edge China marketing blogs like China IWOM and China Youthology.

I also like how its list is alphabetical, which calmed me a bit after I realized that was the case and it was not ranking us at #10.

If you are interested in China (and that is why you are here, right?) I urge you to check it out.

What blogs are missing?

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