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Beijing: Condoms not Evidence of Prostitution and Whoring

Condom Man

Xinhua just reported that in an effort to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, Beijing’s municipal government is making condoms “more accessible in its hotels, nightclubs and construction sites[???]:”

Guesthouses, hotels and scenic resorts are all required to put condoms in toilets, and night clubs, bathing centers and major construction sites should have condom-selling vendors installed.

The city is also organizing trainings for hotel managers to promote condom use.

The city is also showing significant foresight by making it known that “condoms shall not be used as evidence of prostitution and whoring.”

Beijing appears serious about seeking to reduce sexual transmitted disease.

19 responses to “Beijing: Condoms not Evidence of Prostitution and Whoring”

  1. Construction sites because those migrant worker guys get horny on the job and being that they have zero prospects with the girls in the Big BJ (being tu baozis and all that), they need to go at it with each other (plus the gender imbalance is in play).
    You wouldn’t want them spreading HIV now would you? Oh BUT Catch-22: apparently now (according to some other China-centric blogs) the boys at PSB are cracking down on homosexuals!!!

  2. LOL! Photos are few and far between here, but that one is priceless. Does the mascot now dance in front of all of the bathing centers and nightclubs? On a more serious note, our sex ed programs in the US are pretty effective. Telling adults that they must use condoms seems like it would have a low effectiveness, but teaching children in school from 3rd grade on that if they don’t use a condom they will die seems to have some effect. No hard data for what I wrote, only based on qualitative and anecdotal data.

  3. While they’re at it, they might as well do something about all those crappy Chinese condoms that break 20% of the time. When it comes to protecting yourself from STDs…buy American!

  4. @Will Lewis: umm..the effective US sex ed program that is abstinence only? Which has proven to be a huge failure by all reports? Yea no. The US does not have anything near an rational sex ed program, unless you think that an effective program means telling girls that their worth as individuals is tied up in their virginity, that condoms don’t work and STDs are punishments that you rightly deserve if you dare to think to have sex before marriage. Then yes, America is on top of that one.
    On a lighter note, I really really really hope I run into this condom mascot somewhere on the streets of Beijing. And I hope I have my camera on me.

  5. @Ben Ross – I keep shut on this most of the time, but this time I have to say something: the western world does not belong to, or consist entirely of, America and her neighbours. Durex, for example, is a UK based company. Certainly, America is a big country, but the EU, like it or loathe it, is bigger in many respects.

  6. @FOARP,
    Who knew a condom post would lead to a war between continents? Ben was just making a pitch to buy USA, I don’t think he was dissing on the EU (which is in Europe somewhere, right?). BTW, Japan is rapidly gaining market share in this arena….

  7. “condoms shall not be used as evidence of prostitution and whoring.”
    I’m not a lawyer, so let me ask:
    Is there a difference between prostitution and whoring?

  8. @Will Lewis: The US’s sex ed programs hardly seems effective when you consider that the country has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the western world. I’m not sure when you attended third grade, but they no longer educate students about contraceptives. As mentioned by someone else, the philosophy goes that if you have sex before you are married you will catch a horrible disease and die. This is typically followed by graphic pictures. Teachers, educators, even the school nurse are not allowed to educate students on alternatives to abstinence. So really? not effective at all…
    Although I feel that China’s throwing condoms around seems to make light of the situation. Making them readily available is a start I guess..

  9. Yes, American sex ed is horrible. Europe wins on this one, for sure.
    CLB NOTE: I deleted a portion of this comment because it was too risque for this family oriented blog.

  10. @CLB – Yeah, sorry, I guess I came down with a serious case of export envy, it gets tough when people point how the UK’s little $470 billion can’t compare with the USA’s $1.14 trillion!

  11. UJ & something picasso,
    Ok, ok, sorry. I’m from California and sex-ed is perhaps more ‘liberal’ than the rest of the States. But, take a look at STD rates in North America compared to the rest of the world. The only region with lower STD rates in the world are New Zealand/Australia. So, if we’re talking about disease and death, as opposed to birth, then really? we’re talking about considerable success. Not to mention that abstinence only students would only be hitting 16 right now…

  12. @Will Lewis – your data is old – here’s the 2005 HIV adult infection stats. As you can see from the map, at least according to the data from the UN AIDS website, the US has a higher rate of infection amoungst adults than many other countries, including China and Mexico. Of western European countries only Italy and Spain have infection rates in the same bracket (0.5-1%).
    Now, admittedly there are a lot of variables which affect reporting rates – particularly the likelihood of diagnosis and political pressures that might lead people to under-report, but amoungst developed nations these are less likely to be a factor. According to the BBC, 0.6 percent of the US adult population is infected with HIV, this compares to 0.2% in the UK and 0.05% in Japan – this hardly represents a victory for US-style disease control. It has to be said though, that the relative infection rates reflect cultural factors as much, if not more, than they do the relative success of the governments of each country in controlling the spread of the disease.

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  14. Great post. One of the things I have learned from having lived in China for the last couple years is that they are are above all else really quite practical.

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