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Banning Dog Meat in China: Who’s Culturally Superior Now, Sucker?

Eating dog meat

When the media and the blogosphere started going crazy writing about China’s plans to ban the eating of dog meat, I made clear to myself that I was going to stay out of it. There was just no way I was going to join that bandwagon. First off, I just did not see it as a big deal. More on that below. Secondly, I have always hated the whole dog meat issue because when Westerners discuss it, they so often do so in an irritatingly self-righteous and ethnocentric (please note this is the first time I have used this word on this blog) way. More on that below also.

So why then am I writing about it now? Because I long ago vowed that whenever I get at least three emails from readers requesting I write about a topic, I will do so, and my third one just came in:

I know you don’t eat meat so I am surprised you have not written anything about China’s new law on the eating of dog meat. Do you see this as China’s becoming more humane? Will the law be enforced or is this just being done for PR?

No, no, and no.

I feel I must set out my bona fides at the outset. I love dogs. They are my favorite animal by far. I am a dog person. On top of that, I have not had a bite of meat for 17 years. Not one. I do NOT consider those who eat meat any less moral than me. Two reasons for this. One, eating or not eating meat is just one small aspect of a person’s morality and I absolutely can understand those who think it is no aspect at all. Who is more moral, a vegetarian serial killer or someone who eats meat but devotes their whole life to helping the homeless mentally ill? Who is a better “environmental steward, a vegetarian who owns a massively polluting factory that engages in illegal dumping or someone who works for Greenpeace, eats and walks everywhere? Two, I know very few people well enough to be able to judge their moral standing and that kind of judging just ain’t my bag.

The new laws will also deal with animal cruelty issues, which I view very differently than the provisions on dog meat.

Many years ago, I was at lunch with a group of law students after having given a talk at their law school. When my meat-free entree arrived, one of the students launched into a mini-speech about how great it was that I was “such a steward of the earth.” As soon as she finished, I jokingly said that I did this to make up for owning two large Hummers and not recycling a thing (neither true but said for effect). This poor student looked horrified, but everyone else laughed. I felt only a little bit bad.

So I just cannot ascribe much at all to whether a country eats dog or not. I also cannot see any real difference between eating dog meat or any other meat. Where does horse meat fit on the moral scale? Are countries that eat horse meat (France for example) less culturally developed than those that do not? Does anyone disagree with me on this? Or should the cuteness or friendliness of the cut count towards the morality of the eating? The US is not necessarily more sophisticated, not necessarily more moral, not necessarily more advanced than countries in which dog (or horse or whatever) meat is eaten. In France they love mussels, yet clams are generally considered dirty. It’s a cultural thing.

I once had a dog meat discussion with some Koreans who complained of how Americans act as though all Koreans are “horrible people” because some eat dog. They told me their retort is to point out how badly the US takes care of its homeless humans. Touché.

I have been to Korea so many times that the Westin Chosun in Seoul had a mini-celebration for me on my 100th stay there about five years ago. And though this happens less often than it did, I still occasionally encounter someone who wants to let me know that they would never go to Korea “because they eat dog there.” My favorite was when a butcher told me this. I kid you not!

So here is how I see China’s plans to ban dog meat.

I do not think China is doing this to placate the West. I think China is doing this because dogs are becoming increasingly popular pets in China among its wealthier citizens and this planned ban is a great way to placate them. I do not see it as a sign of anything else.
There is a saying on how the Chinese will eat anything “with four legs that isn’t a table, anything that flies that isn’t an airplane, and anything that moves that isn’t a bike.” Apparently dog is an exception.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Someone pointed out to me that I failed to distinguish between eating endangered animals and animals that are not threatened or endangered and that this distinction proves my thesis wrong regarding the cut of the meat being irrelevant in terms of determining morality. I agree that I should have excluded endangered and threatened species when I talked about not being able to see any difference between eating one animal as opposed to another.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Nice post on the topic of animal rights in China at the China Geeks blog [link no longer exists]. Makes the important point (though one that should be unnecessary) that, hey, not all 1.3 billion people in China think alike on these issues.

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  1. Before one judges any county’s people for their taste in food it’s worth looking at the history of famine in that country… you’ll find any country that has experienced famine in the living memory of its people will have a tendency to regard many more items as food than those countries that haven’t been ravaged by famine.
    Eating habits have more to do with history/survival/practicality than morality.

  2. Check the draft of the proposed law, it includes
    cat also.
    Dog meat sales were banned in Beijing during the Olympics. The proposed ban is a manifestation of the previous ban for the purpose of China saving face with foreign governments/visitors.
    What percentage of Chinese population want this ban, probably less than 1/10 of 1%.
    Its a Chinese tradition to eat dog mainly because of its medicinal properties. Cat, I haven’t heard about any qualities of that dish and it tastes terrible.
    As a foreigner who has eaten dog a few times in China what’s the big deal. The Chinese eat human what.

  3. The law is specifically about the consumption or serving, not cruelty prevention.
    Before commenting further, I have to admit to eating dog at a hotpot meal, which I did not find offensive in flavor.
    I also became (accidentally) quite addicted to cat-kebabs and ate them twice a week for a couple of years. Upon discovering that they were cat, not lamb, for whatever reason (upbringing/brainwashing/availability) I gave up the habit, and never knowingly tried the dog again.
    Having said that, I would like to say I think that this legislation does no wrong, except for a disturbing the natural lives LOT of people who have been eating dog since the 3rd century.
    Not to offend vegans or vegetarians here, my argument is with the omnivores.
    Why is it not okay for the Chinese or Koreans to eat dog. Bosintang (Korea) has a UNESCO site which includes a recipe for dog.
    On the other hand one could argue that the only way to in effect prevent cruelty is to outlaw the consumption and preparation. Weak.
    In my mind, this is another example of the Chinese governments failure to stand up for their people while enacting laws, regulation and providing enforcement of such.
    The Chinese government should step up and enact regulations to prevent the cruelty of ALL animals.
    If any omnivores disagree with the rights of the Chinese and Koreans to eat cat or dog maybe they should head down under to Melbourne and pick a fight with someone eating Kangaroo.

  4. I totally agree with your point about dogs and have made the same case myself.
    Two points I would make here. First, while no expert, my understanding is that the way dogs are killed for their meat is by beating them senseless to tenderize the flesh. That’s different than humanely killing them.
    Second, the worst part about meat may be its affect on the environment. As of 2006, cars, trains, planes and boats were estimated to contribute 13% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Meat, through land use and increased nitrous oxide output accounted for 18%. Of course politicians can talk about increasing fuel efficiency much more easily than reducing meat intake.,8599,1839995,00.html

  5. Cruelty toward animals is wrong whether it’s a dog in China or a horse in France. It’s also unnecessary to harm these animals for their meat. Going vegan is easy, healthier, better for the environment and satisfying.

  6. What a great rant… just out of interest what do people think of cannibalism (assuming there is no murder involved)?
    Couldn’t one also make an argument that zoos’ codes for how to treat animals humanely varies from species to species (e.g. elephants are deemed to need company in order to be treated humanely). Which seems fairly rational to me. So couldn’t a society rationally develop a code for animal welfare in which the laws governing killing differ from species to species?
    I agree with the interpretation of the motivation for this new law. Pet dogs are way more popular in China than they were even 6 years ago when I first went to China.

  7. I’m against eating endangered species, but have no problem eating dogs and cats or other animals that were specifically raised for consumption. Banning eating dogs is nonsense. Why dogs and not cows?

  8. I do not know eating dog meat or rabbit meat,
    which one will be evil! To me, all of them are
    good pet!!!
    But most of dog meat come from homeless dog in black market, those caught dogs are already with disease. Banning dog meat in China should be good!

  9. It is a real situation! Some people in China still have blind faith in eating dog meat, it will be good for Male’s health & energy?!
    This habit will not easily be changed, even banning dog will be strictly enforced in
    China, unless those stupid guys can be educated.

  10. to all animal rights people, especially the western ones, stop shoving your ideals down people’s throat. no one ideal or culture is superior over another. there is nothing wrong with eating dog, horse, or whale meat. sure the balancing between tradition and protection of animals, especially the endangered ones, should be considered. but westerners can’t tout humanity when their track records show a long history of inhumanity.

  11. @kt: It was a Chinese person, not a Westerner, who proposed the law in question. And if you read the original post and comments carefully, you will see that the only Westerner who said that there was anything wrong with eating dogs or any other animals was larry.
    @larry: Where do vegans get their B vitamins from?

  12. Hi Dan,
    Long time!
    Well this whole issue about the dog meat really disgusts the western world!
    Here in Brazil it is not different, and people oftentimes ask me if I had dog meat in China, with that disgusted ethnocentric tone of voice.
    Funny it is that it is unacceptable to Brazilians to eat dog meat, but they don´t find it so disgusting when I tell them that I ate frog meat.
    So, this whole issue is very cultural and I don´t think China should ban such a habit with laws and legal instruments, for this is their culture and this is their history!
    In Brazil, in some areas it is very common to eat lizards, and no one makes any noise about it. It is also common to eat rabbits and sometimes even cats!
    So, why are dogs unacceptable, especially when talking about people who starved, or are starving?
    Warm regards from Brazil,
    Henry Anders

  13. 1) It’s not “China’s plans to ban dog meat”. From what I gather, its a legal think tank that has proposed a bill to the NPC. We need to get our attributions straight. It’s not “China” planning do to something, it’s a committee of the NPC, and from the looks of things, I’d say that it has zero chance of becoming law.
    2) Also, this isn’t a Chinese/Western thing. There are parts of China where dog meat is a delicacy. There are other parts where people are just disgusted by the thought. Same holds true for pork and meat in general.
    What’s interesting is that among Chinese, the “will eat anything stereotype” is directed at Cantonese.

  14. Hello Dan,
    Let me make a connection here, Taiwan has the lowest birth rate in the World today (yes, hard to believe, I know) and it seems woman aren’t interested in having many kids. When traveling to Taipei, what I do see is shop after shop selling dogs and cats as pets, which is very interesting. I am starting to see the same thing in China among young couples. Having children is expensive for couples living in Beijing and pets have become Man’s (and Woman’s) best friend. I think what you can see is as Chinese society advances and taking care of children gets in the way with their careers, many will consider a pet over having children, especially when they are younger. These people would never dream of eating their pets, and so the whole issue of starving people is a valid point. We are witnessing Chinese customs changing before our eyes.

  15. Dog lover here (the non-eating kind). The eating of dogs never filled me with righteous indignation since it’s so obviously a cultural difference.
    However, if China really wanted to burnish its image abroad they could stop executing mentally ill British citizens in an orgy of nationalistic revenge for the Opium Wars.
    Just saying.

  16. Um, dogs as pets ain’t a new thing in China. The Chinese have kept dogs as pets for centuries. Lion dogs (Shih Tzu, Pekingese) are among the most ancient breeds in the world. I’m sure we’ve all seen Fu Dog in classical Chinese paintings, akin to Fido in Renaissance art.
    As to eating dog, I must refer back to the 1st comment on necessity – during WWII dogs and cats practically disappeared in Europe. Similarly in China dog eating is associated with necessity of lower rungs in society, like possum or entrail in Southern cuisine, or getemono kui in Japan.)

  17. I disagree that eating dogmeat is seen is (still) necessity in China, but it is becoming a delicacy (for some) that grew out of necessity. Like “soul food/southern food” in the U.S., of which chitlins is a holiday staple.
    I think that the movement to ban eating dogs does come a lot from many the “educated” class or traveled classes in China and Korea, who despite their determination to keep their culture intact, don’t want to be seen as hillbillies. Nothing is worse than the taint of the countryside for the newly monied, I guess. How in the world horses manage to stay on the menu through all the cyclical bouts of “anti-dog” hysteria mystifies me.
    I have seen some of the occasional ways that dogs are procured for food in China… that kind of gives you pause, but then that doesn’t mean you ban them, you just clean up the industry, so it’s as up to snuff as the mainstream meat industry in China. Certainly there is no hypocrisy or repugnancy in that idea.
    The whole thing is silly. It’s been on the menu at respectable restaurants for years in China, and no one blinked. Well, I suppose that if you need a crusade in China, that’s a nice safe one to go on.

  18. Seriously, Dan is right about the increasing popularity of pets in China. This is why there is a ban on dog meat. The eating of dog meat has been taboo for many years, this just makes it official. No, it has nothing to do with making you westerners feel better about yourselves. Listen up people, if you don’t like Chinese culture and its many nuances, then don’t come here or live here. Seriously, we have enough people already.

  19. While the idea of eating dog or pig is somewhat revolting to me, I don’t hold it against anyone who chooses to eat the meat.
    That said, other than endangered species, is there no line to draw? Would anyone be as accepting of a culture that enjoys eating chimp or orangutan, or dolphins? I guess I’m saying, should the eating of animals that possess higher IQs be frowned upon, regardless whether a certain culture considers it acceptable?

  20. You’re totally right. If you’re going to eat meat anyway, what really is the difference between a cow, a pig or a dog? They all exhibit personalities and reasoning abilities to various extents. That said, I’m not a big meat eater to begin with and dog would really fall out of the realm of stuff I’d like to have for dinner.

  21. It would be great if Dan and Steve could post a copy of the draft ordinance to determine if it contains provisions on banning the penis of the dog. Don’t know if in China they consider it as an organ or meat by definition.
    This could have a major impact on the liquor industry since bull, deer, and dog penis are a very popular ingredient in alcoholic beverages in China.

  22. chriswaugh_bj
    Vitamins B1-B9 are abundant in vegetables. Vitamin B12 is added to foods that vegans consume.
    For example, I get about 200% of my daily B12 from drinking soymilk alone. Technically it must be supplemented but in practice it’s a non-issue.

  23. The latest news report I found seems to agree with twofish, that it’s far from becoming law. Here are some clarification it’s drafter, Center For Social Science And Law:
    1. The anti animal cruelty legislation is expert advisory draft, not a legislative draft. It has not been reviewed or accepted by the legislative body.
    2. Intention of the proposal is to promote humane treatment of animal, dog and cat are small parts of the draft.
    3. Since eating habits pertains to local custom and tradition, the proposal is flexible. There is no outright ban of dog/cat meat consumption, only regulation on cruelty.
    4. The public comment period will collect citizen’s opinion. In light of the objection received thus far, the draft will be revised.

  24. I think the reveals the somewhat shocking assumptions and ignorance that people have about the Chinese legislative process. If some animal-rights think tank in the United States proposed a ban on dog meat, I don’t think that anyone would be saying “The US plans to ban dog meat.” It would be “SPCA wants Congress to ban dog meat.”
    But of course people would argue that China is different because it’s a totalitarian state in which the Politburo decides everything, the legislature is powerless, citizen input is ignored, and there is no civil society in which people argue over things like banning dog meat.
    Which gets back to my point about the shockingly bad assumptions that people have about Chinese law and politics.

  25. It’s also part of many Islamic cultures to conduct “honor killings” against women, does that make it right or even tolerable? What about foot binding? There’s a fine line between a culture difference and something that is just unacceptable in the modern world. Often times people who pull the culture card are just doing it to justify something that is backwards, cruel, or otherwise unacceptable some other manner.
    “Listen up people, if you don’t like Chinese culture and its many nuances, then don’t come here or live here.”
    This is the 21st century, if you don’t like it and its many nuances, then stay in the countryside with your arranged, foot bound, wife.
    “like possum or entrail in Southern cuisine, ”
    And most americans consider it strange, disgusting and/or repulsive. Maybe there should be a law against it…….

  26. As an addendum I’d also like to ask, with regards to equating Chinese and Korean culture, how much has Korean culture actually changed in the last 30 years? It still holds onto many sexist attitudes that “the west” have been fighting to get rid of for decades, no doubt amoung other attutudes that “western” cultures had decades ago. I just question the need to tolerate values that are decades or even centuries out of date.

  27. outcast, there’s a huge difference between what’s considered food animal, and kill or maim a human.
    Until there are laws in America against possum, entrails, waist cinching, and beef (cows are sacred to Hiindus), perhaps our horse ain’t so high that we can dictate what’s food animal in other cultures.

  28. outcast, there’s a huge difference between what’s considered food animal, and kill or maim a human.
    Until there are laws in America against possum, entrails, waist cinching, and beef (cows are sacred to Hiindus), perhaps our horse ain’t so high that we can dictate what’s food animal in other cultures.

    If those other cultures developed, changed, and advanced as much as we have, then they would have earned the right to criticize others. And for many western people there is little difference between a cat and a human, since they are considered to be members of the family. Cruelty is cruelty.
    On a related note, after reading this recently ( about tigers being kept in cruel and inhumane conditions so they can be killed and their bones be used for magical potions, frankly it is really disgusting that such primitive backwardness can be defended by simply saying “this is our culture”. It really is the showcase for how backwards chinese culture is and how much it does need to change to become part of the modern world. At the bottom there are many horror stories about how badly they are treated. Read them closely, and think, do you really want to preserve this? The 21st century has no place for such primitive superstitious nonsense of any sort, western or eastern. If you really care about China, then support its development and modernization, especially the popularization of real science and modern medicine, not defending “tradition” and all the baggage that comes with it (such as superstitions like traditional chinese medicine, numerology, etc).

  29. I am sorry but I have to point out that we French have no problem with clams. Where did you hear we find them “dirty”?

  30. I am a chinese.i eat dog meat several times,it is is a common food in northeast china,you can easily find a dog meat restraunt,mostly with a ‘made by korean nation people’ banner.
    I do not understand the people who judge eating dog meat, and i do not care these idiots’s feeling either.
    no explanation,I do not wanna change other people’s thought.

  31. I absolutely agree with this article. Dog eating is no more than one of their culture. Even though I love dogs I do not think badly of people who eat dogs. It is true dogs are popular pets around the world. However it is not any reason to ban dog eating. There is people who keep cows or pigs as their pets. Then should we stop eating cows and dogs too? We don’t have any right to criticize them. This criticism of dog eating may appear to be no more than thoughtless thinking. But I believe it is this kind of belief that lead to atrocities during eighteenth century.

  32. China is becoming more western, especially the new upper class, and the other classes also trying with what they can afford. Everything new in China now has western influence. The wealthier people want to westernize themselves, so their views on the dog situation will be the same as in western countries. I’ve seen many of them acting “in an irritatingly self-righteous and ethnocentric way” when talking about eating dogs.
    Since wealthier people have the most influence on how a country is run, they will be the ones who will have the final words.

  33. I am an international student in china, i hope people can listen to my point of view and opinion. Thanks.
    Personally, i think that dogs were not meant to be eaten. Eating dog meat might be a culture to china, however as time passes, cultures changes! If this small easy part of the culture can’t change, then why did so many things changes?? People! Please be smarter! THIS IS INNOVATION!I am not trying to be offensive but i treat dogs like humans because they are one of us! Dogs have a symbol of royalty. Since to chinese people, many things symbolize different meanings, then they should accept the fact that dogs were not meant to be eaten! I am a meat eater too! But i don’t eat dogs. However if chickens were banned to be eaten, i would not complain because i know how is it like to be a chicken! Have people ever thought what and how is it like to be in another living object’s view? WHAT IF YOU ARE A DOG? Do you want to be separated from your family and be chopped off then become a food served on a dish with ingredients on the table. And with people eating pieces of you? Did you thought about it? Cos i did. I always try to improve myself, to think if what i am doing is right. Seriously, i think people should stop eating dogs. We should stop animals cruelty. Because they are one of us, and we are one of them. We are one world.

  34. We may have a homeless problem in the U.S. but we’re not skinning or boiling our homeless population alive and then eating them.

  35. Are you F-ING CRAZY? You don’t think someone is IMMORAL for eating both HORSES and DOGS? What an idiot you are!
    And I’m a vegetarian also. Horse and Dogs are domesticated animals, and pets. As a vegetarian you are a COMPLETE IDIOT!
    You are seriously crazy!

  36. @larry
    If you are a vegan and you need to supplement your food with vitamins that you are not naturally getting through the intake of meat, doesn’t that tell you what you are doing is not what humans are meant to do? We are carnivores. Simple as that. What you do is your choice, but that doesn’t make the rest of us immoral.

    • we are some research you get all the protein and nutrients in fruits and vegetables You realize elephants,giraffes,rhinos,and gorillas do not eat meat I dont think protein is a issue… a serving of Broccoli has more protein than an entire steak..and meat and dairy are linked to many cancers… Many countries are cruel some worse than others ,China is beyond cruel with how these animals are treated,,boiling a cat or dog to death is evil and demonic if someone does not see that they are surly lost and their soul is in danger…Call on Jesus before it is to late this crap world is running out of time…

  37. I don’t have a problem with them eating dogs well I do because I’m a dog lover but its more about how they kill the dog. Its inhumane…strangling stabbing and hitting it…I have personally seen the video…and it doesn’t matter if a dog is someones pet or raised in a farm it still feels pain has feelings just like all dogs do.

  38. Dogs have been raised for many centuries in China. I ordered dog near Guilin, and it was served on a hot-plate fajitas-style, with liver, kidneys, etc. The dog was tender and juicy, in some ways better than beef. I agree with you: I’m sick of the Western-style value judgments people put on eating dog.

  39. I am Thai and have been in and out of China for 5-6 years on business. I had no idea previously that the Chinese ate dog meat. I thought it was only Vietnamese thing as there was a documentary that Vietnamese descendants of the migrants to a province in the Northeastern Thailand eat dogs. Over the past 2 years however, I had some bad phenomenon happened to me. When I walk to local places or even drive around the neighbourhood, I got dogs jumping at me as though they see or smell something bad in me. It’s controversial to what happened before where even stray dogs would smile and walk me to my office, for instances. I asked myself what’s wrong with me? I understand that there were delicacies such as eels, frogs, scorpions, monkeys, etc on menu in some countryside places in China but had no preconceived notions or any suspicions that what my Chinese interpreter may have said that was “lamp” in a cantonese soup that I might have eaten in China may have been dog meat. I was told that my great grandfathers were medicine people or doctors in the old time, moving from Lujiang Province to Kunming and eventually onto Thailand and we consider ourselves of Cantonese descendants. However, we do not eat dog and cat meat whether it be decades ago or at present time. We eat chicken, fish, seafood and beef. A few decades ago, people hunted for wild bore, pheasants, wild birds, etc for food. These days eating delicacies like these may be on a belief in longevity. Some elderly feel that way. I have asked people around me what they think about eating dog meat, they all feel sick just imagining it being put on the plate. I feel as sick as anything realizing that I might have eaten it by mistake. At first I thought of detoxifying my intestine by using a flush of Chlorine. But then, I thought I could die from Chlorine. I just feel disgusted with myself knowing I might have accidentally eaten dog meat. I asked a friend whether I should kill myself and trust that I will be born the same person again and from then I will not eat big animal’s meat but fish and seafood only. I feel eating dog meat isn’t just like eating myself but dogs are carnivores that (in case you don’t already know) also eat another animals’ feaces or poo including human stool. If you look carefully, nutrients, vitamin and minerals in dog meat can simply be found in dark green vegetables such as kale, broccoli and normal fruits such as bananas. There should be no belief that eating dog meat will help prevent cold. The cold weather in China is somethings so cold that eating every dog in the entire world will not stop it. So please stop eating dog meat. Please be considerate of those who find it terrifying and absolutely aweful. I will be very happy if every Government in this world ban eating dog and cat meat. These two types of meat particularly should be off menu in the entire world. I also wish for China and countries that eat delicacies to stop serving menu such as frogs, scorpions and eels.

  40. to a hindu, eating a cow is horrific. to a westerner, eating a dog is horrific. yes, there are different value judgement between cultures. however, consider this. dogs are social animals that are very trusting to human companionship. exploiting that trust for toture and food is a poor reflection on the moral fortitude of the chinese. there are elements in every culture that exploit trust but in chinese culture it is not a crime but a duty,

  41. people nwws to under stand that many people keep dogs and cats as pets in USA. the eatting of those animals is right wound like if your beloved pets was takeing and kill in painfull way ??????????/
    it be the as killing some child in painfull way and not xare the animals have a soul and feel every thing happen to them just youe child they do lobe and dare and have feeling and need be treated better not keep in little cages and hit or ayelled to go with out food for any point of time it not right or fair to those dog or cats
    just you not putting your chilc some so bad at hurt or feel hungery you like to be put in to ;ott;e cage with other people for hours or days like this poor animals ???????

  42. I have read many reviews, a friend put up a link the video is very much about animal torture and killing of Chinese fur factory, cruelty, people need to stop this horror.., the cruelty of China exceeds all standards,.. is not no law, the protection of animals?

  43. I think the Korean you talked to who retorted by saying the USA does not take good care of their homeless humans was a bad comparison. The comparison can be made a lot better by simply looking at how the USA treats their homeless dogs! The USA executes homeless dogs where an owner cannot be found, they operate “kill shelters”. The only difference is that they don’t eat the dogs in the USA, but they still kill them which is very immoral in of itself!
    But I think you are avoiding a large issue with dogs versus other meat. It’s not a cultural issue; it’s much more difficult than that. It has nothing to do with cuteness (though this pays a factor in those who just look at the surface of the issue). Firstly, we have to go back to the early days of human civilization. Dogs played a large role in our evolution, and some scholars have hypothesized that they were even vital to it; providing the extra senses needed to hunt efficiently and the teeth to kill and defend effectively.
    Because of this both humans and dogs have formed a symbiotic relationship, something that humans don’t share with any other animal. We can also summarize that the eating of dog is “unnatural” by looking at what type of animal they are. Dogs, like humans, are predators. Predators eat prey, not predators. Pigs are prey, dogs are predators. To eat a fellow predator goes against what we are supposed to be doing.
    And this is before we even look into the loyalty, bonds, and friendship a dog can provide above that of other animals. So yes, there are valid, natural reasons why we should not eat dog meat. By avoiding all of these natural issues and instead focusing on “People only like them because they are cute!” is simply intellectual dishonesty. I can also make an argument that vegetarianism is harmful and goes against our nature as omnivores (imagine if nothing on this planet ate meat… Nature created the predator and prey system for a reason), but that’s an argument for another time! ^^;

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