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Americans Joining China’s Bureaucracy: Yeah, That’s The Ticket

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The first time I read how American government food inspectors are going to be “embedded” in Chinese government food inspections, I honestly thought it was sarcasm. I cannot remember where I first saw it, but I thought I was reading an Onion-like story expressing how desperate the United States has become to solve its food safety problems. I have since learned this story was no joke, but I am hardly any closer to taking it seriously as a resolution. Now The Black China Hand is out with a post telling me why. I love when someone else articulates what I am “feeling,” but unable to articulate.

His post is entitled, Three’s Company, and it says none of this makes much sense because of the following:

I don’t get this. I mean why would China, the country that loves its privacy and fiercely guards its domestic arena from foreign interaction allow another sovereign nation to inspect its food supply. Are they for real? Furthermore, I’m not sure that I think it is a good policy move for China or the US. There are so many things that could go bad. For example, if there is another tainted pool…China can say, it’s not our fault it’s those American inspectors. Or, what will be the reaction of American inspectors if they don’t get the freedom that they are use to in the US (which it more likely than not). This definitely warrants a stay tuned and see what happens.

Just another case of bureaucrats believing taxation gives them super-human powers? Will this increase the need for lawyers?

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