Amazing Lawyers And The Criminal Side of China Business

China Law Blog’s own Steve Dickinson has been selected by Washington CEO Magazine [link no longer exists] as one of only five “Amazing Lawyers” and the only international lawyer among the five. I don’t want to go all Sally Fields on you here but I was thrilled to see that Steve and I made up two of the three international lawyers named by our lawyer peers as the best in Washington.

The magazine did a feature story on five lawyers, including Steve. Calling Steve “The Communicator,” the article talked about his fluency in Chinese and Japanese and how his extensive experience with and knowledge of China helps him in his China legal work. The article also talked about our firm’s China law practice, focusing in particular on the assistance we provide foreign companies already in or planning on going into China.

The article also touched on Steve’s white collar criminal work in China on behalf of foreign defendants. One little known, but rather chilling aspect of doing business in China are the laws there that criminalize business related actions that are not considered criminal in most Western countries. When a foreigner is charged with a crime in China, we assist by working with the defendant and the Chinese criminal lawyer in China and by gathering up exculpatory evidence from outside China. We do this in tandem with the top criminal lawyers in China, none of whom (as far as we know) speak a word of English. We will in the near future be blogging on the impact of China’s criminal laws on business there.

Congratulations Steve!

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