A Recession Update: The View from Qingdao.

Just received this email from co-blogger Steve Dickinson:

I do my martial arts workout three mornings a week at the beach here in Qingdao. We have a great view of the entrance to the Qingdao port complex. Vessels intending to use the port must “park” for a while as they wait for a berth. For most of the summer, we would regularly see no more than five or six vessels parked and waiting. This Monday, I counted 23 vessels waiting for a berth. This means the port is backed up and there is no room for any more vessels. This suggests activity at the Qingdao port has suddenly increased. The Qingdao port is the second largest container port in China. Its capacity is enormous and it is unusual for the port to back up in this way. This suggests shipments out of China have suddenly increased in the past several weeks.

Does this herald the end of the recession? What are you seeing out there?

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