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How to Buy PPE from China

Contents of this Article: For-Profit PPE Buyers The Medical Provider/Government PPE Buyers China’s New PPE Rules How to Increase The Odds of Your PPE getting Through China Customs Getting Your China PPE Through U.S. Customs Buying products from China has always been risky, but COVID-19 puts us at an 11 out of 10 We Want

China Manufacturing Agreements
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Manufacturing in China: Minimizing Your Risks by Doing Things Right

This very long post aims to provide an overview of the challenges of manufacturing in China, as well as strategies for minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities. It outlines the administrative and regulatory requirements, process and production challenges, and specific cultural and market-specific risks.

China tax laws
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China’s Business Taxes

Knowledge of China’s tax system is helpful to foreign companies doing business in China Last month, China Law Blog’s own Steve Dickinson participated in a panel discussion on taxes in China and how they impact the Chinese economy and in turn, doing business in China. The discussion was ably moderated by Eric Chai, Executive Director

On being a China lawyer and on doing business in China
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On Being a China Lawyer and on Doing Business In China: An Interview

I was interviewed last year by Jason Aquino of Scouts Consulting as part of an ongoing interview series on strategy and innovation in business, sports, and national security. Jason will be releasing this series of interviews in the future, but in the meantime he is allowing me to publish mine here, mostly after I begged him to

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On Becoming a China Lawyer

American and occasionally European law students and recent law school graduates are always contacting our China lawyers to ask what they should do to become international lawyers focused on China law. My advice is usually a somewhat rambling dissertation on the need to build a solid legal foundation while constantly working to improve your Chinese

China Law Employee Handbook
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How to Avoid China Employment Law Problems

Contents of this Article: Employer Rules and Regulations Are Key to China Employer Compliance Chinese Law Requires Every Full-Time Employee to be Hired Pursuant to a Written Employee Contract Employer Audits Employee Terminations With China’s economy in decline and so many foreign companies in China laying off employees, it should come as no surprise the

China Belt and Road
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How Your Company Can Benefit from China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Contents of this Article BRI countries will need increased economic activities to pay back Chinese debt Africa’s greatest opportunities in business How is Africa reacting to China’s increasing presence through its Belt and Road Initiative? Does Africa present a viable alternative to companies that want to move manufacturing from China? Which African nations are most

China Joint Ventures
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China Joint Ventures: The Long Version

With China’s economy in a downturn and so much uncertainty regarding the future of US/China (and even EU/China) relations, our China business lawyers have of late been seeing a massive uptick in companies looking to do China joint ventures “to share in the risk.” When done right, China joint ventures do share risk. But when