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China Corporate Espionage

While waiting for my plane in the faceless, cyborg style Seattle airport, I noticed the recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek with the catchy title “Hey China! Stop Stealing Our Stuff.” I purchased it and read the article It’s Not Paranoia if they Steal Your Secrets: Inside the Chinese Boom in Corporate Espionage. Briefly, the article

Just say no to bad China contracts
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NDAs Do NOT Work for China but NNN Agreements Do

As we have been writing of late, IP theft is on the rise in China. In Tariffs Against China Increase China IP Problems, we explained why this is the case: I first wrote about the increase in China IP risks back in August, 2018, in China Trademark Theft. It’s Baaaaaack in a Big Way. Back then I

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China Technology Transfers: Relationship and Deal Myths

In my previous post, China Technology Transfers, I focused on misconceptions Western companies often have regarding China technology transfer deals. In this post, I focus on two commonly held misconceptions regarding “partnering” with Chinese companies in deals that involve foreign technology. Due to a partnership relationship, the foreign side often wrongly believes it is somehow

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How to React to a China Economy in Decline

If you believe China’s economy is still growing at a 6+ percent clip, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you. 1. China’s Economy is Hurting But how is it that pretty much everybody who follows China knows its six percent GDP growth figure is inflated? Everybody seems to have their own way of