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International Business Relocation is Not Easy, But It is Inevitable

In addition to my regular legal practice advising companies on relocating their manufacturing or business operations around the world, I have over the last few months given a number of presentations in-person (pre-Covid-19) and online (during-Covid-19) about the opportunities and challenges of relocating internationally. Some of these presentations you can now view online: Effects of

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Good Contracts are Key, Corruption be Damned

Got an email the other day from a good-sized company the other day asking about the benefit of having manufacturing contracts with companies in countries like Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The email went something like this (I say “something” because I’ve changed it so nobody will ever be able to identify it): I am

COVID and China supply chain problems
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Omicron and Supply Chains: Buckle Up

Omicron is incredibly contagious and China is not well-equipped to slow it down to the same extent it has done with previous COVID variants. Omicron will likely lead to shutdowns of China’s factories and convince more foreign product buying companies to diversify out of China.

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How to React to a China Economy in Decline

If you believe China’s economy is still growing at a 6+ percent clip, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you. 1. China’s Economy is Hurting But how is it that pretty much everybody who follows China knows its six percent GDP growth figure is inflated? Everybody seems to have their own way of

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Sourcing Product From China Just Got Even Riskier

Sourcing product from China just got even riskier. Theses risks have never been higher and they just keep increasing. The Russian war and COVID in China are the key causes for this increased risk and both are nearly certain to get far worse.

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The China-US Trade War and the Winner is….MEXICO

When I was a wee lad of maybe ten, growing up in small town middle America, one of my best friends, Pete Collins (a/k/a/ The Big Man), somehow managed to snare some tickets for a professional wrestling event in my town. So we went to some disgusting patched together arena for the event — and

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China Technology Licensing: The Questions We Ask

Chinese companies are seeking out technology wherever and however they can find it and my law firm’s international licensing lawyers have been writing a slew of China technology licensing agreements lately. Sometimes these deals come to us as China licensing deals, but other times, they come into our law firm as putative joint ventures, but