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China’s New Foreign Investment Law and Intellectual Property Protections

How the new Foreign Investment Law will change intellectual property rights for foreign companies in China Today’s post is a more academic look at how the new Foreign Investment Law will change intellectual property rights for foreign companies in China.  There has been a veritable flurry of announcements from the Chinese government regarding new IP

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U.S. Import Practice Tips to Mitigate Compliance Risk

The shift away from the unipolar and free trade-oriented world of the 1990s and early 2000s to the peer competition-driven managed trade and industrial policies of today has resulted in an increasingly restrictive and protected U.S. import environment.

The significantly stepped-up enforcement activity that characterizes this trend has, in turn, increased compliance risk for U.S. importers. This post will attempt to help U.S. importers mitigate some of that compliance risk through a set of up-to-date import practice tips.

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China ≠ Hong Kong ≠ Taiwan ≠ Macau

I gave four China law speeches last month and three out of four generated questions as to whether what I had said applied to Hong Kong or to Taiwan. My answer in all instances was a resounding “no.” Mainland China has its own legal system, separate and apart from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. In

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Global Law and Business Podcast: Geetha Kandiah (Southeast Asia)

Listen above or stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Amazon Music, or Stitcher! The large-scale shift to telework brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is prompting businesses around the world to explore new avenues to engage with clients and friends. Harris Bricken is no exception, and we are proud to announce our new podcast series: Global Law and Business,

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China Trademark Protection Basics

My good friend and trademark lawyer extraordinaire, Mike Atkins, recently wrote a post on his Seattle Trademark Lawyer Blog entitled Basics of Trademark Protection in Plain English. Though that post deals exclusively with U.S. trademarks, nearly all its big-picture analysis is apropos to China trademarks as well. Below I take what Mike said, and explain how

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Copyright Takedowns in China

Copyright takedowns in China and copyright notices. What you can and should do now to be able to use a copyright takedown to protect your copyrights in China.

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Trademark Squatting: A Dying “Trade”?

I attended an excellent IPWatchdog webinar this past week on trademark squatting, presented by Ai-Leen Lim of AWA Asia. You should watch the whole thing, but here are some thoughts and takeaways. Trademark squatting is one of the biggest problems when it comes to intellectual property rights (IPR) protection in China. Basically, squatting occurs when

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Managing an International Trademark Portfolio

Trademark protection is a critical task for companies manufacturing and distributing products overseas. While many large multinationals have armies of lawyers policing their intellectual property rights (IPR), small- and medium-sized businesses that are expanding overseas often need help figuring out the best and most cost-effective way to protect their trademarks, patents and copyrights. What perhaps