China HR in the Time of Coronavirus: A March 24 (Tomorrow) Webinar

Our law firm’s lead China employment lawyer, Grace Yang, will be leading a 90 minute webinar on what HR departments need to know about China employment law. China is getting a lot tougher on how foreign companies (especially American companies) in China treat their employees and staying in compliance has never been more important. See China’s

THE China Employment Law Guide: Like Why Don’t You Already Have It?

China employment law is technical and local and nearly all foreign companies get it wrong. See China Employment Law: Local and Not So Simple. It is one of the most consistent and expensive problem areas for foreign companies doing business in China and it has become a massive growth area for our law firm. More than ever,

China’s Coronavirus Impacts Everything: What Your Business Should Do NOW

Our international dispute resolution lawyers are involved in multiple cross border litigation matters hit hard by the coronavirus.  By way of one example, depositions scheduled for Chinese witnesses are having to be cancelled for the following reasons (among others): The coronavirus is impacting pretty much everyone in China. Travel within China is impossible for some and

Free China Employment Law Webinar on Tuesday: What Your Company Needs to Know

REGISTER HERE for this FREE webinar! A recording of this webinar will be made available to all registrants, so make sure you register today!  China’s employment laws have always been complicated and highly local. But with the coronavirus, they have become even more local and even more complicated. Foreign companies with employees in China face China employment

China Third Party Hiring Agencies

One of our China lawyers got an email the other day that cited to a super old post we did on using third party hiring agencies in China. The reader then went on to essentially excoriate us for getting it wrong on China third party hiring. The email (modified a bit to protect the guilty)

China WFOE Shutdowns, Baltimore Colts Style

A while back (I am being intentionally vague here to avoid identifying anyone) a U.S. client company contacted our China lawyers about shutting down its China WFOE and/or terminating all of its roughly 20 China employees in one fell swoop. The U.S. company had discovered rampant corruption among its employees and its CEO wanted all