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China HR in the Time of Coronavirus: A March 24 (Tomorrow) Webinar

Our law firm’s lead China employment lawyer, Grace Yang, will be leading a 90 minute webinar on what HR departments need to know about China employment law. China is getting a lot tougher on how foreign companies (especially American companies) in China treat their employees and staying in compliance has never been more important. See China’s

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China’s Coronavirus Impacts Everything: What Your Business Should Do NOW

Our international dispute resolution lawyers are involved in multiple cross border litigation matters hit hard by the coronavirus.  By way of one example, depositions scheduled for Chinese witnesses are having to be cancelled for the following reasons (among others): The coronavirus is impacting pretty much everyone in China. Travel within China is impossible for some and

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Leave China NOW!

For the last week or so, our China lawyers have been inundated by requests from employers in China for help in dealing with the many employment law issues created by the coronavirus has created. Just yesterday, our lead China employment lawyer, Grace Yang, wrote about that in Coronavirus and What China Employers Should be Doing

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Today’s G20 Meeting and the Trade War’s Impact on China

1. China’s GDP Numbers Are Fake As the G20 meeting approaches, many of our clients have asked us how the US-China trade war has impacted China’s economy. President Xi’s top think tank advisors at Qinghua University are telling him that China’s GDP will hit 6.3% this year (within the government target), the impact of the

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The Top Eight China Books

Over the years we’ve often been asked by both our readers and our clients what books they should read “to better understand China.” And over the years we’ve read and written about a ton of books on China. Yet I am never quite sure how to answer the question so I do the lawyer thing

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Forming a China WFOE: Needed or Not

If I were to list the ten biggest/most common mistakes the China lawyers at my firm see, not forming a WFOE and forming a WFOE unnecessarily would no doubt both be on that list. Let me explain…. We have written constantly about the risks of doing business in China without a WFOE. For more on

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China Manufacturing and Robots

Most companies that have their products made in China do so because it’s cheaper. Why is it cheaper? Because labor is so much cheaper in China than in the US and Europe, and labor is a significant portion of the production cost. But over the past several years, wages have been steadily rising in China,

How to Form a China WFOE
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Forming a China WFOE: Ten Things to Consider

By popular demand we are reprising our “Ten Things To Consider” series, starting anew with forming a China WFOE. Here goes. Make Sure Your Business Scope is Legal. Too many WFOEs never get past the starting line. A number of industries are restricted to foreign-invested companies, so before you sign a lease in Shanghai or

China employment law: not so simple.
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China Employment Law: Local and Not So Simple

Earlier this year, Dan Harris of my firm wrote a Forbes Magazine article (China’s Hourly Work Week: Think Locally) on how China’s employment laws are so localized. Dan started that article with the following explanation: I have avoided writing on China employment law because it is so complicated and so localized. My fear has been