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China HR in the Time of Coronavirus: A March 24 (Tomorrow) Webinar

Our law firm’s lead China employment lawyer, Grace Yang, will be leading a 90 minute webinar on what HR departments need to know about China employment law. China is getting a lot tougher on how foreign companies (especially American companies) in China treat their employees and staying in compliance has never been more important. See China’s

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Leave China NOW!

For the last week or so, our China lawyers have been inundated by requests from employers in China for help in dealing with the many employment law issues created by the coronavirus has created. Just yesterday, our lead China employment lawyer, Grace Yang, wrote about that in Coronavirus and What China Employers Should be Doing

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China’s Coronavirus Impacts Everything: What Your Business Should Do NOW

Our international dispute resolution lawyers are involved in multiple cross border litigation matters hit hard by the coronavirus.  By way of one example, depositions scheduled for Chinese witnesses are having to be cancelled for the following reasons (among others): The coronavirus is impacting pretty much everyone in China. Travel within China is impossible for some and

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China Employment Law: Local and Not So Simple

Earlier this year, Dan Harris of my firm wrote a Forbes Magazine article (China’s Hourly Work Week: Think Locally) on how China’s employment laws are so localized. Dan started that article with the following explanation: I have avoided writing on China employment law because it is so complicated and so localized. My fear has been

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China Expat Pay: Splitting with Hong Kong is Illegal and Dangerous

As China steps up its tax enforcement against both foreign companies and foreigners, we are seeing increasing instances where expat employees working in China are having their salaries “split” by their Chinese or foreign company employers. We strongly counsel our employer clients against doing this sort of salary splitting and we even more strongly counsel

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Coronavirus and China Employee Layoffs? Think Again

Since the coronavirus outbreak, many new employment rules have been released on both the national and local levels to cover new employment issues that have arisen due to the virus. With China’s economy significantly damaged and pressure coming from the central government to maintain stability, China employers are finding it difficult to strike a balance between employee

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BREAKING NEWS: China Issues New Employment Rules For Dealing with the Coronavirus

Yesterday, in BREAKING NEWS: Beijing Issues New Employment Rules For Dealing with the Coronavirus, I wrote about Beijing labor authorities having released a “notice on stabilizing labor relations during the period of epidemic prevention and control so as to better protect and benefit employees.” I concluded that post by saying that “if you are an

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China Employer Rules and Policies: Effective Communication is Key

Though we are always emphasizing how different China’s employment laws are from those in the West (especially the United States), there are some basic things employers should consider in handling employment matters pretty much everywhere in the world. This post discusses how effective employer communication is key pretty much everywhere. By employer communication, I am

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China Employment Contracts: It’s Not Too Late to Check Yours

If you have employees in China, you must have a written employment contract with each and every one of your employees. Employing anyone (Chinese citizen or expat) in China without a current, enforceable, China-centric employment contract puts you at massive risk for financial penalties and worse. Late last month, China’s Ministry of Human Resources and