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Negotiating with Your Chinese Product Supplier in this New Buyer’s Market

The Chinese Manufacturing Times Are a Changin’ For companies buying products from China, doing business used to be straightforward – you placed an order, they shipped the goods. Those days are gone. Chinese manufacturers are struggling, and buyers who understand the new landscape can negotiate deals that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Play

Scaling Risks: How to Effectively Grow Your Global Sales (video)

On September 18, 2023, Jonathan Bench (partner at Harris Bricken) and Mike Criddle (partner at Eide Bailly) spoke at World Trade Center Utah‘s headquarters and laid out a roadmap for building robust international sales while ensuring security and legal and tax compliance. For those unable to attend in person, you can now watch the replay

China's rules on mass layoffs are complicated, localized, and unclear.

China’s Mass Layoff Laws in These Tough Times

China’s Mass Layoff Laws As China’s economy continues to worsen, and as so many foreign companies seek to “lighten their China footprint” or to leave China entirely, my law firm’s China employment lawyers are being hit with a big uptick in questions regarding China employee layoffs. China’s mass layoff laws are strict and protective of

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The Chinese Government Has Your Data And There’s Not Much You Can Do

China’s Data Security Landscape This post addresses the options foreign companies have for operating in China and protecting their critical data. The assumption is usually that there must be a technical solution that allows foreign companies to protect their private technical data in China. The problem is technical, so there must be a technical solution.

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A China Employment Best Practices Guide

Introduction Navigating China’s employment laws is a bit like untangling a complicated puzzle. One wrong move? You could face hefty fines, damaging lawsuits, or even criminal charges. But don’t worry! We’ve poured our extensive experience into this guide to help you navigate with greater confidence. If you want to better understand China’s employment scene, this

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A Guide for Chinese Companies on How to Succeed in the United States

Introduction The allure of conquering the American market is undeniable for Chinese corporations. With over 330 million consumers and the world’s largest economy, the United States offers unparalleled potential. However, achieving success in the U.S. demands a strategic approach that goes beyond exporting products. This is where our law firm steps in – we bridge

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How to Get Paid When Providing Services to Chinese Companies or the Chinese Government

1. Essential Practices when Providing Services to Chinese Companies Securing payment should be your prime concern when providing services to Chinese clients. To mitigate potential issues, our China transactional lawyers incorporate certain clauses in their service contracts they draft for our clients, including provisions mandating the following: 1. Upfront Payment: A substantial initial payment should

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Negotiating Chinese Distributor Agreements (China to US)

As the China-US geopolitical environment continues be problematic, our clients and prospective clients have pivoted from joint venture relationships to distribution and similar licensing-type relationships. This is not a one-sided trend. We are seeing an increase in these distributor relationships going both into China and out of China. From the questions we receive, we see