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The Role of a Lawyer in Cannabis Deals

From startups to multi-state operators, most cannabis businesses will engage legal counsel at some point. All of these companies – but especially smaller ones or less experienced ones – need to grapple with the question of what the role of a lawyer in cannabis deals will be. This can be a difficult question to answer.

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How to Terminate a Cannabis Contract

In the cannabis industry, many relationships don’t last. One of the top questions our cannabis lawyers get is “how do I terminate my cannabis contract”? Despite clear contract termination provisions, terminating a cannabis contract can be a very difficult. Today, I’ll examine how cannabis contracts can be terminated. Contract termination provisions The first place I

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Notice and Cure Provisions

Here’s a scenario our cannabis lawyers and litigation team have experienced countless times: A client calls and wants to take immediate action for breach of a cannabis contract. They want to terminate the contract. Or evict a tenant. Or file a lawsuit. The first question I always ask these clients is whether the contract contains

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Dealing with Cannabis Investors

Lately I have been spending a lot of time engaging with clients who are dealing with cannabis investors. I work with companies and investors. Between public and private cannabis companies, the suite of investors runs the gamut from friends and family to key employees, executives, and board members with equity and synthetic equity grants, to

Ketamine Clinic Acquisitions: Get the Law Right BEFORE the LOI

Ketamine Clinic Acquisitions: Get the Law Right BEFORE the LOI

We often receive calls from potential ketamine clinic clients that just signed a letter of intent (“LOI”) or term sheet to acquire entire medical practices that are undertaking ketamine treatments. In the psychedelics space, many companies are starting off with off-label ketamine treatments while building towards a bigger suite of psychedelic services as the laws

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Buying a Cannabis Business: Step By Step

I often write about various discrete aspects of cannabis M&A transactions. A full list of my posts, along with other Canna Law Blog contributors’ posts, is linked at the bottom of this post. Today, rather than looking at individual elements of a cannabis M&A transaction, I want to walk through what a transaction looks like

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Ketamine Clinics and Joint Ventures: The Office of Inspector’s Concerns

As the economy continues to flourish, there is a proliferation of merger and acquisition activity in the healthcare space. We continue to see a rise in ketamine clinic acquisitions as well as investors who are starting management services organizations (“MSO”) to assist such clinics with their administrative burden. Likewise, we have seen an increase in

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Cannabis Transactions: Over-Negotiation is a Problem

There are a lot of reasons why deals may stall or fall apart before the parties can ever sign a contract. Maybe a deal is too complicated. Maybe the parties can’t come to an agreement on the major terms. Maybe it’s not legally practical. But one thing our cannabis business lawyers have seen time and

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There is No Such Thing as Boilerplate in a Cannabis Contract

If you’re still at the point where you are playing lawyer sometimes or all of the time with your cannabis business contracts, then this post is for you. I grew up in rural Wisconsin with two parents who were raised in the wake of the Great Depression. My parents had a bunch of kids, and