Local Revolts: Tough Times for Marijuana with Cities and Counties

Just about every day, another city or county in a marijuana state enacts an all-out ban on any type of marijuana commercial activity, whether it's medical or recreational. Though we love fighting/suing these retrograde cities and counties at every turn, we also know how expensive and time consuming those fights can be for our cannabis clients. Why are these bans happening? Do these cities and counties have the power to prohibit marijuana sales when the State says they can take place? And what happens with these bans when the courts get involved?

Oregon MMJ Laws Are Not There Yet

Just got back from attending the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference in Eugene, Oregon. Usually, I'm speaking at events like these, so it was nice for once to be in the crowd listening to others impart their knowledge about best practices in the ever-changing MMJ scene.

Cannabis In Oregon. Legalization Is Coming, And Soon!

I spoke this past Saturday in Portland, Oregon, at the National Cannabis Industry Association‘s Northwest CannaBusiness Symposium. My panel was on government relations and marijuana legalization and regulation. I shared the stage with Congressman Earl Blumenauer, a known champion of the marijuana legalization movement in Congress and a loyal Oregonian, and two other panelists. Blumenauer’s