Cannabis Clubs: Will Nevada Lead Us?

Several states have legalized recreational use of cannabis but no state has yet created a state-sanctioned place for adults to legally consume cannabis. This leaves many consumers with no place to enjoy legal cannabis as no state permits public consumption. A bill in Nevada could make it the first state to allow for cannabis clubs. Senate Bill

Marijuana Election Overview

What a long, strange road the election has been. After a wild and unpredictable night, marijuana may not be the first thing the media discusses in the election’s wake. Still, it cannot be overstated how successful the evening was for marijuana legalization. Cannabis ballot measures won in eight out of its nine races. This is

New Nevada Thrift Law May Hold the Key to Cannabis Banking

As we all know well, the lack of access to banking remains a large impediment in the marijuana industry. And as we’ve previously blogged here, here, and here, marijuana banking continues to be a hot and important topic as private financial institutions slowly but steadily take advantage of the 2014 FinCEN guidelines. The guidelines, however, are

Sell Your Nevada MME License Now Before The Boom Ends (With UPDATE)

UPDATE (December 9, 10 a.m.): We posted the below article below on December 8th at 7:30 a.m. Just 12 hours after we posted, the State of Nevada issued a new policy statement regarding expiration of licenses: If an MME has submitted its provisional registration renewal on time and continues to make significant progress towards opening,

Nevada Recreational Marijuana: Coming Soon by Initiative

From brothels to gambling to all night drinking, Nevada has a reputation as a place where individuals are free to decide for themselves In keeping with this tradition, we (Canna Law Group’s Las Vegas office) strongly believe Nevada will in 2016 become the fifth state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, via initiative. Less than a year from

Nevada Marijuana Licenses: The New Rules For Buying and Selling

As I previously wrote in Nevada Marijuana Licenses for Sale!, Nevada now allows for transferring cannabis licenses between owners and for transferring licensee locations. The laws that allow these changes were pretty thin on the details and left us waiting to see how the state would interpret them. Well, Nevada has now put in place policies to allow for such

Nevada Marijuana Licenses for Sale!

Well, it’s official. The secondary market we predicted would result from SB 276 has reared its head, and in spectacular fashion.  For those of you who didn’t catch our previous posts, SB 276 reapportioned unused dispensary licenses, largely in response to ongoing litigation in Las Vegas. In a last-minute oral amendment, a section was added to allow for

What’s the Right Price for “Safe Marijuana”? Let’s Roll The Nevada Cam…

Without a doubt, Nevada’s revised medical marijuana program has been slow to start. And after a gruelingly competitive application process and significant administrative delay, only one Nevada dispensary is set to open for business going into August, and that’s Silver State Relief out of Sparks. What will also likely further slow down Nevada’s already slow pace is its

Marijuana Delivery Services: It’s Complicated

So, you want to start a marijuana delivery service? Not so fast. What you want to do may or may not be legal in your state. State law varies significantly on the issue of cannabis delivery. Lawmakers have made cannabis delivery businesses illegal in some states, usually to avoid coming up against federal enforcement priorities

Is Your Pot Safe? Don’t Be So Sure

Noelle Crombie of the Oregonian blows the lid off Oregon’s lack of any real testing or standards for its medical marijuana products. In her series, “A Tainted High,” Ms. Crombie calls into question the safety of cannabis in Oregon. This is the kind of story that will lead to major realizations and to significant changes and I