Fred Rocafort

Como muchos de nuestros lectores sabrán, la Cámara de Representantes de los Estados Unidos votará este mes para despenalizar la marihuana en todo el país. De prosperar ciertas iniciativas legislativas en Colombia y México, las contrapartes de la Cámara en estas dos importantes economías latinoamericanas podrían seguir sus pasos. En Colombia, los representantes Juan Carlos […]

Adrián Cisneros Aguilar

For the past 15 years, the global “War on Drugs” has shaped Mexico’s national security landscape. The Mexican government’s offensive against illegal drugs has taken two paths: head-on clashes with the cartels and significant updates to its drug policies. A brief timeline of events specifically affecting cannabis in Mexico is in order. In 2009, Mexico […]

Vince Sliwoski

Last week, amid the impeachment turmoil, President Trump and Democratic leadership somehow agreed on a landmark international trade agreement. The package is generally referred to as USMCA (U.S-Mexico-Canada Agreement), or sometimes as NAFTA 2.0. Although the White House has not yet released a final copy of USMCA, its contents are widely known. As expected, USCMA […]

Vince Sliwoski

We like to check in from time to time on what’s happening with marijuana legalization around the world. To date, around 40 countries have legalized marijuana for medical use. Many more countries have decriminalized marijuana to some extent, and a few have straight up “legalized” recreational marijuana. Among these bellwethers, South Africa and Georgia allow for possession […]

Canna Law Blog

We are committed to keeping our knowledge of international cannabis news current, and as legalized cannabis has become an international reality, our lawyers in Spain and in China are naturally seeing more of this work. Zozayacorrea Sahagún Arizaga, a leading law firm based in Guadalajara, Mexico, gave Harris Bricken the express permission to provide our […]



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