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New York Cannabis: An Update

A lot of things have happened since our State of the State for New York’s cannabis industry. Of course, the one thing we have all been waiting for has not happened yet, which is the release of the first draft of the adult-use rules and regulations. Now that we are approaching the start of spring,

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No New Cannabis Licenses: Oregon Pulls the Plug

The Oregon Senate passed HB 4016 yesterday afternoon, enacting a sweeping moratorium on new cannabis licenses in the state. The law will take effect on an “emergency” basis following Governor Brown’s signature, or 30 days from now if she doesn’t veto (and she won’t). Industry got what it wanted here; the walls are going up. HB 4016

New York May Soon Let Hemp Licensees Grow Cannabis

New York May Soon Let Hemp Licensees Grow Cannabis

This week the New York legislature passed Senate Bill S8084A, which would enable existing licensed hemp growers and processors to cultivate and process cannabis under one of two types of temporary licenses: a temporary conditional cultivator license to process and distribute cannabis flower products without holding an adult-use processor or distributor license, and a temporary

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BREAKING: LA County Will Allow Cannabis

Most people who aren’t familiar with California cannabis regulation are surprised to learn that legal cannabis is actually pretty rare throughout the state. Most cities and counties prohibit or severely restrict cannabis licensing. This includes most cities in Los Angeles county, and until recently, the county itself. But that’s all changing, because LA County will

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Oregon Cannabis: Beware the Services Agreement

Services agreements are a problem in the Oregon cannabis industry. These agreements have been around since at least 2016, when our office and at least one other law firm developed early templates in consultation with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (“OLCC”). That form was called a “management agreement” and you will see them referred

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The NFL and Medical Marijuana

It’s Super Bowl week! Over the years, we’ve written occasionally about marijuana issues and the National Football League. See here, for example. As more states legalize marijuana, its prevalence in NFL cities is only increasing. This year, the Super Bowl will be in my backyard in Los Angeles (GO RAMS!), and I have no doubt

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What We Learned from the New York City Cannabis Conversation

What did we learn from last week’s Office of Cannabis Management’s (OCM) New York City Cannabis Conversation? A few things. But first, a refresher: earlier this year the OCM and the Cannabis Control Board rolled out a series of virtual community engagement meetings. The Cannabis Conversations are intended to allow: “New Yorkers [to] hear directly

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Oregon Cannabis: New Rules, Part 5 – License Cancellation Criteria

This post focuses on recent changes to OAR 845-025-8590, which addresses when the Oregon Liquor & Cannabis Commission (“OLCC”) may cancel or suspend a marijuana business license. It continues our discussion of recent OLCC changes to the regulations governing marijuana in the State of Oregon. You can review the changes to OAR 845-025-8590 and all

Free Webinar: New York's Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act

Free Webinar: New York’s Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act

Watch below! In March of 2021 New York became the 15th State to legalize recreational cannabis through the passage of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA). We have regularly written about the local impact of New York’s new cannabis industry and the potential opportunities for social and economic equity applicants. On Tuesday, January 25,