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Cannabis in Spain: ICBC Notes

This past weekend, I was finally able to attend the renowned International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) here in Barcelona, Spain. The event had been cancelled for two consecutive years due to the pandemic. I attended interesting panels on everything from cannabis 3.0, to cannatech, to the current challenges of cannabis clubs in Spain. I want

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Do Not Travel with Cannabis Products

The recent arrest in Russia of WNBA player Brittney Griner highlights the perils of traveling with cannabis products. For those not familiar with the matter, Griner was detained after Russian Customs “allegedly found vape cartridges containing cannabis in her luggage.” At the onset, it must be noted that Griner’s arrest comes at a time of

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Cannabis Legalization in Spain: Legislative Update

Adult use cannabis legalization in Spain could be back on track, following a series of setbacks. To move things forward, Congress recently approved the creation of a subcommittee within the Committee on Health and Consumer Affairs. This subcommittee will analyze the experiences of regulating cannabis for medicinal use. Cannabis legalization in Spain: “To raise to

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Costa Rica’s Hemp and Medical Cannabis Bill Stalls

Costa Rica’s proposed hemp and medical cannabis law was passed by the Legislative Assembly on January 13, after a 29-10 vote. But what should have been a landmark accomplishment for cannabis legalization in the region has been overshadowed by President Carlos Alvarado’s refusal to sign Bill No. 21388 into law. According to President Alvarado, there

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Cannabis Can Help Puerto Rico’s Economy Recover

Puerto Rico has taken an important step on the road to economic recovery, with the approval by a federal judge of “the largest municipal debt restructuring in U.S. history.” As the island looks for a fresh start, it should adopt a forward-thinking legal framework that allows it to harness the vast economic opportunities presented by

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CBD Food Product Approval in the EU

The legal landscape in the Cannabidiol (CBD) sector is changing quickly, especially for CBD-infused food products. Companies looking for business opportunities involving CBD-infused food products are well advised to keep an eye out to new developments. In the European Union one can notice a change in perspective regarding CBD, its danger and use. This can

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Vapes and E-cigarettes in Mexico

Vapes. E-cigarettes. Mexico! Like a lot of people, my brother-in-law is trying to quit smoking. And like a lot of people, he’s not having much success. Which is why a few weeks ago I was sitting in the dining room of a hotel in Florida and he was standing outside on the balcony, sucking on

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In EU First, Legal Cannabis in Malta

With the approval of the Authority on the Responsible Use of Cannabis Act (the “Act“), legal cannabis in Malta has arrived. The Mediterranean island nation is the first in the European Union to legalize adult-use cannabis. Medical cannabis has been legal in Malta since 2018. 1. What Is Now Legal? The Act permits the cultivation of up

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Chile’s Presidential Elections: A Win-Win for Cannabis (Sorta …)

Chile’s presidential elections are heading to a second round. We’re paying attention for many reasons, not least the fact that the results will have significant implications for cannabis policy, not just in Chile, but in all of Latin America. The winner of the first round was José Antonio Kast, who eked out a victory over

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Notes on the International Cannabis Trade

As the international trade of cannabis gets closer to a reality, it will become important for companies in the cannabis industry to better understand how U.S. trade laws can be used by domestic producers to try to protect their US market position against import competition. Similarly, US importers and foreign producers and exporters may soon need to understand how AD/CVD cases can disrupt any plans to export to the US market and what options they may have to respond to such actions.