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Cannabis Brands and China: An Emerging IP Challenge

Cannabis Brands and China Challenges Cannabis brands account for a sizeable component of my law firm’s intellectual property work (and, indeed, our work generally). Historically, there has been little overlap between our cannabis and China practice areas, beyond our representing a number of cannabis ancillary product companies on their China manufacturing matters. This is starting to change,

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U.S. Import and Export of Marijuana, Hemp and Paraphernalia: Webinar Recap

In case you missed our webinar this week, “U.S. Import and Export of Marijuana, Hemp and Paraphernalia”, the replay video is just above. And if you don’t have an hour to spare, below are highlights of what our cannabis and international trade lawyers had to say about the status and pitfalls of the international cannabis


Germany’s Cannabis Act

Germany has taken an important step toward cannabis legalization, with the release by the Health Ministry of the draft Cannabis Act (Cannabisgesetz or CanG). According to the Ministry, the bill seeks “to legalize private cultivation by adults for personal consumption as well as communal, non-commercial cultivation of cannabis in cultivation associations.” For more information on

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Griffen Thorne Presents on International and Domestic Cannabis Issues at GGI North American Regional Conference

This Friday June 23rd, Harris Sliwoski’s Griffen Thorne will present on international and domestic cannabis issues with Dan Rothberg at GGI Global Alliance’s North American Regional Conference in Los Angeles. Their presentation will give an expert take on these topics: Summary of US federal cannabis (marijuana) laws and impact on state law Summary of US

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Can I Import Marijuana Seeds to the U.S.?

We’ve recently received a number of inquiries about whether it is legal to import marijuana seeds into the United States. These are seeds derived from marijuana plants that have a THC content less than 0.3%, but when planted will germinate into marijuana plants that have a THC content more than 0.3%.  The seeds themselves have

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Germany Unveils Sweeping Cannabis Legalization Plan

European Union member states tend to be very conservative when it comes to cannabis legalization. With a few exceptions, most member states prohibit cannabis altogether. Other countries decriminalize cannabis and a handful have adopted modest medical marijuana programs. Germany, the EU’s biggest economy and arguably most influential nation, has been on the path towards recreational


Cocaine Trade Open in Canada? Not So Fast

In the U.S., cocaine is a Schedule II controlled substance and its use, possession, etc. is illegal except for certain, limited medical applications. The licensed sale of cocaine for recreational use is not even remotely a concept in the U.S., and the same goes for Canada. Why then did we see a Canadian cannabis company


Peru: New Medical Cannabis Regs

Peru has new regulations for the use of medical cannabis, following the issuance of Supreme Decree (Decreto Supremo) No. 004-2023-SA on February 28 of this year. The decree approves the Regulation that Regulates the Medicinal and Therapeutic Use of Cannabis and Its Derivatives (Reglamento que regula el uso medicinal y terapéutico del cannabis y sus

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Hong Kong Cannabis: Bad News for CBD

Hong Kong and the negative developments taking place there have been the subject of many posts in our sister China Law Blog. But now it is our turn to report on the Fragrant Harbor. Unfortunately, the news is also bad on the cannabis front, just like on the political and economic ones. From February 1

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Importing “Drug Paraphernalia” after Eteros and Keirton

Many thanks for all who attended our December 1 webinar on “Cannabis and International Trade Issues 2022.” The event was hosted by the National Customs Broker and Freight Forwarders Association of America Educational Institute (NEI). We received many questions from the audience that we were not able to get to. We plan to cover some of