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Anatomy of a Cannabis Insurance Policy

In this article: The Basics of a Cannabis Insurance Policy Items that Will Arise in the Life of a Cannabis Company Cannabis Insurance Policy Exclusions The Basics of a Cannabis Insurance Policy Insurance in the cannabis industry is big business, and business owners need to know what policies are available and what those policies cover.

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Cannabis and Insurance Litigation

Recently, Jonathan Bench wrote about the importance of insurance coverage for your hemp or recreational marijuana business. His first article provided the basic anatomy of such policies and his second discussed the importance of product liability insurance. This post highlights recent litigation in which insurance is at issue, or ought to be. Hemp insurer seeks

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Cannabis Business Basics: Product Liability Insurance is a Nonnegotiable Priority

With Juul recently in the news and vaping bans going into effect around the country (see our recent coverage here, here, here and here), marijuana companies have been asking us questions about what to expect in the near term. In the midst of this uncertainty, we have been stressing to our clients the importance of insurance coverage

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Yes, Washington, You Really Need Cannabis Business Insurance

In a prior post I discussed some general insurance issues for cannabis business owners to consider. Today we’ll take a deep dive into Washington State insurance for cannabis businesses. As is the case with most emerging industries, the pace of marijuana business continues to outstrip the development of ancillary but crucial services (see California Approves