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Cannabis DAOs

I wrote recently about cannabis NFTs (see here) and tokenization of cannabis assets (see here). This post covers cannabis DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) within the industry space (“DAO” is pronounced like “dow”). Web3: cannabis DAOs, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and smart contracts If you have been paying attention, you know at least something about Bitcoin, which is


Cannabis and Web3 Crossover: Tokenization

Since launching our Web3 practice group, we have been getting steady inquiries regarding cannabis and web3 crossover. In this post, I focus on the tokenization of cannabis business assets, which often occurs through ICOs (initial coin offerings). This is currently an unsettled area of law in the U.S., and we do not recommend trying to

Cannabis NFTs

Cannabis NFTs

Every cannabis company has been asking lately how they can start making money from cannabis NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Many of these companies know that NFTs are part of the greater Web3 movement that feels somewhat familiar, especially to marijuana companies. Web3 is in large measure a counterculture movement that pushes back against large institutions that

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Prepare Your Cannabis Business for the TCPA

For some reason, many cannabis businesses believe that because they’re already violating the federal Controlled Substances Act, they’re free to violate other existing federal laws. This of course is not the case, and never has been. Even though cannabis businesses can’t get legitimate recognition or fair treatment from the Department of Justice or the Drug

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Consumer Privacy, California Cannabis and CCPA Deletion Requests

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) took effect at the beginning of the year. CCPA is a massive privacy law similar in scope to the European Union’s infamous General Data Protection Regulation, and applies to many businesses (not just cannabis businesses) that are based in or even “do business” in California. I wrote about the

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Curaleaf Meets the TCPA

We introduced our readership to TCPA claims in this post last month, and it looks like our prediction was right: this week, Curaleaf became the latest defendant in a long line of TCPA class action complaints filed against cannabis companies this year. The Complaint is brought by a Katherine Brooks in the Southern District of

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Cannabis Litigation: TCPA Claims

If you aren’t familiar with the TCPA, you should familiarize yourself with this important statute that is currently sparking a ton of litigation in the cannabis industry. The TCPA stands for the Telephone Consumer Protection Act – a statute that was passed in 1991 to fight the incessant “robocalls” that were plaguing consumers at the

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The Next Wave of Highly Publicized Cannabis Litigation Will Not be What You Expect

Over the last few months, cannabis and CBD companies have been subject to some pretty massively publicized cases. We’ve seen partnership disputes, consumer class actions, shareholder suits, agency enforcement actions, intellectual property cases, and more. One thing virtually nobody is talking about—or prepared for—are the inevitable wave of CCPA suits. Before I explain what CCPA