On The Separation of Church and Pot

A Seattle church located in uber-hip Capitol Hill (Mt. Calvary Christian Center) is protesting against Uncle Ike’s, a state licensed cannabis retailer that has opened up shop next door. The church’s lead pastor claims that a cannabis retailer located within 1,000 feet of his church is “an indictment of where our society has come.” This pastor also

Colorado Cannabis Taxes

The Colorado Department of Revenue (“Department”) recently addressed common tax questions for participants in the state’s new green economy. Specifically, the Department’s website offers guidance to four key stakeholders: Local Government, Consumers, Cultivators and Retailers. Consumers. When speaking of taxes, a great deal of press has been focused on cultivators, growers, processors, retail sellers and health care professionals.

Marijuana Bankruptcy? Think Again

Be it the IRS, the Bureau of Reclamation, or the banks, the conflict between state and federal laws on marijuana can cause problems to those in the marijuana industry. You should now add filing for bankruptcy to the list. When businesses go (or are near to going) under, they typically file for bankruptcy in a

Colorado Co-op Banking For Marijuana; We Need More

Though many were initially excited to hear that the State of Colorado approved our nation’s first financial system for the marijuana industry, that excitement seems to be waning because even if Colorado gets some sort of marijuana banking system off the ground, it will be years before any banking becomes a reality for marijuana businesses. As most

Marijuana Banking Is Still Very Much Alive

We’ve written on numerous occasions about the lack of banking services available to marijuana businesses (see here and here), and the many problems that causes. When FinCEN released new guidelines for banks in February, industry watchers hoped that federally-backed banking institutions would begin opening their doors to state legal canna businesses. Many (including ourselves) touted the