Desperate Times Call for Desperate (Marijuana) Lawsuits

Two lawsuits were filed against the State of Colorado this week by two sets of plaintiffs in a twin effort to end Colorado’s recreational marijuana program. The first set of plaintiffs, Hope and Michael P. Reilly, and the second set, New Vision Hotels Two, LLC (both of which are joined by co-plaintiff, Colorado-based Safe Streets

First Marijuana Tribal Conference: Tulalip Reservation on February 27

On October 28, 2014, the United States Department of Justice issued a “Policy Statement Regarding Marijuana Issues in Indian Country.” In this memo, the DOJ stated that its eight enforcement priorities will apply “in the event that sovereign Indian Nations seek to legalize the cultivation or use of marijuana in Indian Country.” At least one

Moving Marijuana Across State Lines: Still A Felony

Now that four states have legalized recreational marijuana and another twenty or so states have legal medical marijuana regimes, we are hearing people talk about how taking their legal pot across state borders by car or by air is no big deal. Unfortunately, it is a big deal. A really big deal. It should first

Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana in 2015

Straight out of the gate in 2015, states with adult use marijuana laws on the books are now asking whether they still need their original medical marijuana laws and industries. Both Colorado and Washington are questioning the necessity of a medical marijuana system now that their regulated recreational marketplaces are in full force. Even Oregon, which legalized

Cannabis Banking: It’s That Important

We write often about the banking challenges faced by marijuana business owners because it is a critical issue on which all of our cannabis clients agree. Denying cannabis businesses access to a legitimate banking system is bad for just about everyone. So we are always glad to be able to write about some lights in

Nebraska And Oklahoma Sue Colorado for Legalizing Cannabis

Nebraska and Oklahoma have filed suit in the United States Supreme Court against Colorado for Colorado’s having legalized cannabis. Yes, you got that right. Two states have sued another state for what that other state did within its own borders. The two states (for purposes of this post, let’s refer to them as the “NO

Cannabis Edibles: Fear, Regulation, Data And Maureen Dowd

In many respects, Colorado is leading all cannabis states into the 21st century of cannabis regulation. On a seemingly monthly basis, Colorado confronts first impression cannabis issues with which other states have yet to grapple. One of those emerging issues is how to regulate edibles and marijuana-infused products. Washington and other states are just beginning

Cannabis Legalization: Whatever Happened To Democracy?

Occasionally, the epic battle between marijuana and the repeal of its prohibition shifts from the Federal government to the locals. In How To Handle A Neighbor Who Wants To Shut Down Your Cannabis Business, we wrote about how marijuana businesses should deal with “Not in My Back Yard” neighbors, but what we did not mention in that

Marijuana Edibles: Bans, Halloween Concerns, and Common Sense Packaging and Labeling

Colorado has recently been getting media attention regarding a proposed ban on edibles and concern for kids being given “pot candy” for Halloween. The talk of a proposed ban on edibles in Colorado came after the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division work group met last week to discuss House Bill 14-1366, which was

Marijuana Bars: Makes Sense to Us

Washington and Colorado both prohibit consuming marijuana in public. In both states, consuming marijuana in most hotels, clubs, and bars is also generally forbidden due to both public consumption and general smoking laws. And don’t even think about using marijuana at the retail storefronts from which you buy it as doing that could jeopardize the dispensary’s