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California, Cannabis and Telehealth: Part 2

In my last post in this two-part series, I focused specifically on California’s current relationship with telehealth and cannabis. Without a doubt, physicians are free to recommend medical cannabis to qualified patients via telehealth platforms, apps, and tech so long as both Prop. 215 and telehealth laws and regulations are followed by the physician. This

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California, Cannabis and Telehealth: Part I

The ancillary companies that provide goods and services to the cannabis industry are legion. From equipment, real estate, legal services, and technology to packaging, labeling, intellectual property, hardware, and apparel, the list is basically endless for the opportunities that abound in the cannabis ancillary sector. One of the cooler ancillary areas that hasn’t gotten a

Software, Technology, and Cannabis: Are Your Agreements Compliant?

For our clients in the cannabis space, from licensed operators to ancillary service providers, we’ve found that virtually no area of business (and no contract) is immune from the unique regulatory concerns of the industry. Our firm represents many ancillary companies that do business with cannabis operators, including software companies, delivery platforms, and other online

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Cannabots: Are the Robots Coming For Your Weed?

Everyone seems to agree that few of us are safe from the impending roboacolypse. Not the farmers, not the restaurant workers, not even the fashion models or (gasp!) the lawyers. What about those employed in the cannabis industry? Not according to a recent article on Seedo, “an Israeli and Maryland based startup that claims to

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Pay Cannabis Tax with Cryptocurrency? California Takes a Look.

We’ve written about the potential benefits of harnessing the power of blockchain technology to track and trace cannabis from seed to sale and provide an effective regulatory tool for governments (see here and here). We’ve also warned of the risks and dangers (and outright scams) associated with many cryptocurrencies and the heightened risks that come

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Top 10 Unknowns About California’s Cannabis Regulations

In California, under the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis and Regulation Safety Act (MAUCRSA), temporary licenses began issuing to cannabis businesses on January 1, 2018. Since then, the state agencies in charge of MAUCRSA’s implementation (the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)) have

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Breaking News: California Passes First Internet of Things (“IoT”) Law

Two years ago, we published a series of posts about the cannabis industry’s embrace of the Internet of Things (“IoT”)—the network of physical objects connected through the Internet—for use in everything from garden sensors to dispensers. In that same series, we also discussed some of the potential legal risks and ramifications of using the IoT

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Cryptocurrency and Cannabis: A Difficult Relationship

Two of the biggest buzzwords of 2018 have been cyrptocurrency and cannabis. Both industries have seen an tremendous influx of investment from people trying to capitalize on these new business ideas. Almost every week, I see a new event pop up for people who are interested in finding the synergies between these different industries. Everyone

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Blockchain and California Cannabis: From Seed to Sale

We have previously discussed blockchain technology and the effect it can have on the cannabis industry here and here. This post serves as a more detailed analysis of how blockchain can and may disrupt the tracking of cannabis from seed to sale, specifically within the new California adult use market. Currently, cannabis businesses are spending

What Makes Blockchain So Special? And Why Does it Matter (So Much) for Cannabis

Consolidation, Connection and Automation Differentiate Blockchain from Current Technologies Following my last post about blockchain technology and the cannabis industry, a Canna Law Blog reader commented, “[m]aybe I’m missing something. How is this better than just scanning a barcode when the item changes hands like they do with FedEx?” Great question. I asked similar questions early on