We’ve Sued Wenatchee Over Its Cannabis Ban Because The Voters Should Decide

Yesterday, we filed suit against the city of Wenatchee to overturn its ban on State-licensed marijuana businesses. Our lawsuit seeks to make marijuana legal statewide. The citizens of Washington voted to legalize marijuana and a seven person city council should not be allowed to subvert  that vote.

Here is a copy of our Complaint against the city.

We chose Wenatchee as our first target for such a lawsuit because it is seeking to ban marijuana based on federal law prohibiting it. State law doesn’t trump federal law. Rather, our contention is that the two can stand together and that the vote of the people should actually matter. This case truly does involve the rights of citizens to decide for themselves.

We are in talks right now with multiple other clients and cannabis businesses (in various states in which we have licensed lawyers) about pursuing similar cases. Our goal is to stop small-minded politicians from enforcing their views on marijuana against their own citizens. Put simply, we think votes to legalize should mean exactly that.