Washington State Cannabis Lottery Winners. The New Policy On Location Changes.

The LCB just clarified its position regarding a retail lotto winner’s ability to move its location post lottery by making clear that lottery winners cannot change their winning locations, with the following few distinct exceptions:

+ An applicant with a validly executed letter of intent for its location and who were also competing with other applicants for that same location will be allowed to re-locate within its lottery jurisdiction if it does not secure a lease on that initial location.

+ An applicant subject to changed local zoning laws that precludes it from using its lottery location for its dispensary will be able to change its location, but only within its original lottery jurisdiction.

+ An applicant that had multiple applications for different locations within the same jurisdiction won for one location will be able to move the location of its dispensary from its winning location to one of its other (losing) locations within the same lottery jurisdiction.

It is important to note that an applicant that applied for an invalid location will not be given an opportunity to relocate; it will instead be dismissed from application processing. This also means that if you believe that a rival applicant’s proposed location violates the rules, you can e-mail the Liquor Control Board and, if your allegations prove correct, that applicant will be removed from application processing.

3 responses to “Washington State Cannabis Lottery Winners. The New Policy On Location Changes.”

  1. The Board has apprised us that while the exceptions above still hold true, that movement will be done on a case by case basis. If a landlord pulled out during the retail lotto process, it’s only reasonable that the Board would let a lotto winner re-locate. So far, they’ve held true to that principle.

  2. There are at least 4-5 lottery winners in Seattle with invalid initial locations, which
    would disqualify them, if the above statement remains true. There are at least Seattle
    two lottery winners who were recently allowed to move to another location, although
    their initial location was invalid, due to buffer issues. Perhaps, one was allowed
    to move due to the landlord pulling out, but if the location was invalid in the first place,
    what special dispensation and remedy are allowed to this folks, but not to others?
    The other person had multiple applications, but the winning lotto was for an invalid location. This person was allowed to move to another valid applied location.
    Look at the list of 21 who recently changed their address and you will see it as clearly
    as day.

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