Washington and Seattle’s New Marijuana Laws: Our June 22 Seminar Will Explain It All

As most of you know by now, both the State of Washington and the City of Seattle have enacted (and will continue to enact) all sorts of new rules for cannabis businesses, both medical and recreational. In the wake of these far-reaching changes and expected changes in state and local laws, our phones have been ringing off the hook with questions regarding the future of medical marijuana in Washington and how adult use and current and future MMJ business will be impacted by all that has been transpiring.

Come to our Washington State cannabis seminar on June 22.
Come to our Washington State cannabis seminar on June 22.

To better answer these mounting questions and to address other key Washington State enforcement, regulatory, business developments, our cannabis lawyers — along with David Mendoza from the Seattle Mayor’s Office, and cannabis tax lawyer James Hunt — will be putting on a legal business seminar, on June 22nd at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Early Bird tickets at reduced pricing are on sale now (only $35) until June 14th, and can be purchased here.

There will be free food and drink immediately after the seminar, at which time we will be available to answer your additional questions and to network.

If you’re a stakeholder in either the medical or adult use marijuana industries in Washington or if you’re interested in obtaining a marijuana license from the LCB in the future, we urge you to attend our cannabis law and business seminar on the future of MMJ and recreational cannabis in the Evergreen State.

Oh, and speaking of Canna Law Group events, Please do not forget that our big party is this Thursday, June 18. Go here for more information and to get your tickets for that event now. It too is $35, but only $105 for four tickets.

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