Tribal Participation in the Cannabis Industry: The Oregon Seminar

The Oregon Tribal Cannabis Seminar is tomorrow
The Oregon Tribal Cannabis Seminar is tomorrow

Tomorrow at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, Robert McVay of our law firm will be speaking on cannabis issues as they relate to Native American Tribes. Robert will be doing so as part of this Law Seminars International seminar: Tribal Participation in the Cannabis Industry: Current Legal, Regulatory, Sovereignty, Cultural, And Business Issues; Opportunities And Pitfalls. If you cannot make it to Portland to attend in person, you can attend via webinar.

Robert (who is dual-licensed in Washington and Oregon and splits his time between our Seattle and our Portland offices) will be speaking on “Section 17 Corporations, Tribal securities, investment, and banking issues; taxation and the treatment of cannabis income under IRS 280E.”

Robert Odawi Porter also will be speaking at this event. Porter, a leading tribal law expert, will be speaking on “Public Law 280; state regulation and taxation of reservation activity; states that regulate recreational and/or medical marijuana vs. states where possession of small amounts is a civil penalty or where possession remains a crime.” Our firm teams up with Robert Porter on tribal cannabis issues and together we jointly (no pun intended) put on the first tribal cannabis seminar earlier this year.

We have written extensively on this blog regarding the intersection between tribal and federal laws as they relate to cannabis and on the issues with which tribes are having to contend as they decide what to do with cannabis on their lands. This page has a compilation of those articles.

We hope to see you at the Oregon Convention Center tomorrow.

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