They Said it on Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XXXIX

How many people died of marijuana overdoses last year?

Oregon Democratic Representative Earl Blumenauer asked and then answered that question with, “spoiler alert — it’s zero!”

Blumenauer disclosed this (unsurprising) statistic at an event this month with a bipartisan group of House members calling for Congress to embrace marijuana legalization in the various states that have adopted it. Blumenauer continued:

There were many close elections across America last week, but there was one clear winner: ending our failed prohibition of marijuana, and instead legalizing, regulating, and taxing adult use.

Representative Blumenauer is making a lot of sense. Prohibition is clearly ineffective, and whether you are a fan of

cannabis or not, the intelligent choice is to regulate and strictly control cannabis. Tailing Representative Blumenauer, Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, also makes our quotable Saturday list for reminding us that no matter what our backgrounds or our politics, everyone should be able to get on board with ending a prohibition policy that has done nothing but reek havoc on those who need cannabis for medicinal purposes, on people of color, on the impoverished, and on the families of non-violent drug offenders. Mr. Nadelmann recently participated on a TED Talk where he aptly announced:

We come from across the political spectrum and almost every other spectrum as well.  We’re people who love drugs, people who hate drugs, and people who don’t give a damn about drugs, but every one of us believe that this war on drugs — this heartless and disastrous war on drugs — has got to end.

Yes it does.

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  1. Professor Lester Grinspoon, Harvard Medical School, USA:
    “Marijuana is one of the least toxic substances in the whole pharmacopoeia”

    Cannabis less harmful than aspirin
    Cannabis is a safer drug than aspirin and can be used long-term without
    serious side effects, says a book by a leading Oxford scientist.

    The Science of Marijuana, by Dr Leslie Iversen of Oxford University’s
    department of pharmacology, found many “myths” surrounding marijuana use,
    such as extreme addictiveness, or links with mental illness or infertility
    are not supported by science.

    Drug Worriers preferred methods of treatment…
    Ambien, delusions,dementia,lack of feeling or emotion,thoughts of killing oneself,confusion,shakiness…

    Celexa, lack of emotion,loss of memory,Behavior change similar to drunkenness,convulsions, (seizures)….

    Adderall, Blistering,peeling,loosening of the skin-difficulty breathing,speaking,swallowing-dizziness….

    * Warning Poison
    * Number of people that die each year = 0
    * Antidote = Strong Coffee

    Obama: Marijuana No More Dangerous Than Alcohol
    Alcohol Is More Than Twice As Harmful As Marijuana

    Jeff Mizanskey, Life for Pot in Perspective

    Cannabis Safer Than Pen Caps

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