They Said it on Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XXXVII

In the wake of legalization in Alaska and Oregon and legalization of certain quantities of marijuana for adults 21 and older in D.C., our quote this week comes from The Economist. In a piece aptly titled, Drugs  policy: Marijuana milestone, the introduction notes the following:

Almost half of American states have taken steps to legalize cannabis. The federal government should follow.

The Economist does a fantastic job of pointing out how only 27 states have chosen to keep marijuana criminal. The article later again pushes for our federal government to account for the will of the people:

The federal government and Congress should face up to the reality that across swathes of America, pot is now all but legal—and voters want it that way. They should redirect their efforts to making it as well-regulated as booze and cigarettes.

Should any of our U.S. representatives deign to read this post, we point it out again: voters want legalization and regulation of marijuana; they are done with ineffective marijuana prohibition.

Here’s to hoping that this Republican dominated Congress actually listens to its constituents and, at minimum, allows the great marijuana experiment to continue from state to state, unhindered by unwarranted and draconian Federal raids on state-law abiding marijuana businesses. Or better yet, actually does something about it by legalizing marijuana nationwide.

Hate to double quote within one post, but we cannot help but reminded of Graham Nash’s Prison Song from his 1974 album, Wild Tales, where he references Ann Arbor’s lenient marijuana laws as compared with those in Texas, and how the disparate laws lead to inexplicable sentencing disparities:

Kids in Texas smoking grass,
Ten year sentence comes to pass
Misdemeanor in Ann Arbor,
Ask the judges why?

Our country is based on fairness. It is not fair for people to go to jail for a long time in some states for doing what is now perfectly legal in others.

It’s time for a change…

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