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This was truly the week that was timely for cannabis quotes.  That being the case, we cannot resist discussing two of them.

Do you want to hit this?” A common enough question for us lay people, but a man asked President Barack Obama that very question in a Denver bar this past week when the President was visiting the Mile High City. The President laughed but declined the offer to partake in the cannabis. Though President Obama has shed his “Choom Gang” ties, he still has a sense of humor.

We’ve written previously about the shameless hypocrisy of most career politicians when it comes to cannabis —  President Obama is one of the few who has openly admitted to plentifully using marijuana in his younger years.  Though President Obama declined to consume cannabis in that Denver bar, at least he didn’t reply to the offering patron with something like, “Thanks, but I never inhale.”

Pointedly though, Vox.com points out in its headline about the now famous presidential marijuana proposition that “President Obama turns down joint, consumes more dangerous drug.” Obama was caught in action drinking a beer at the Denver bar in question, showing us all that there’s hope yet that the legalization of a less dangerous drug like marijuana is possible (and even inevitable).

The other quote we loved was courtesy of Deb Greene, a 65 year old retiree who was one of the first to buy marijuana after it became legalized in Washington State. Ms. Greene had this to say to the Seattle Times regarding the motive behind her historical purchase:

Greene, 65, a retiree, said she doesn’t smoke pot often. But now she could enjoy it legally at her Ballard home, maybe with “Game of Thrones” on TV. “It’s incredibly liberating,” she said. “It’s the dream of every retiree, sleep in and smoke a bowl.”

Perhaps one day truth telling will be a criteria for political office.


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