They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XLVIII


It being Superbowl weekend, we figured we’d pull this week’s quote from the NFL. The quote is from Pittsburgh Steeler Ryan Clark who has this to say about NFL players consuming cannabis:

I know guys on my team who smoke and it’s not a situation where you think, “oh, these are guys trying to be cool.”

A lot of it is stress relief. A lot of it is pain and medication. Guys feel like, “If I can do this, it keeps me away from maybe Vicodin, it keeps me away from pain prescription drugs and things that guys get addicted to.” Guys look at this as a more natural way to heal themselves, to stress relieve and also to medicate themselves for pain.

Got that? Players are using cannabis so as to avoid harmful and potentially addictive drugs like Vicodin. Does anyone have a problem with that?

Go Seahawks!

One response to “They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XLVIII”

  1. Unfortunately big pharma has a problem with that.. They see it as a direct assault on their Vicodin bottom line.

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