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That’s right, we bad!

Apologies in advance for the somewhat shameless plug here. But we just can’t help it.

Above the Law is by far the most read and most talked about law site on the net. So upon learning that our relatively new blog had made its list of “awesome” law blogs for 2014, we were ecstatic. Then when we read what it had to say about us, well, we couldn’t keep our mouths shut for days.

Apparently we still can’t, because here goes. The ATL (that’s what everyone calls it) article starts out stating what it is about:

 As 2014 wraps up, we thought we’d share some of our favorite legal blogs of the year. Some of these you might not have heard of as they cover very specific areas of the law, but it’s just this specificity that makes the content so cogent and engaging — really showcasing the lawyers’ expertise in their fields, so much so that they are fun to read even if you don’t have interest in that area of the law. Enjoy.

Then, there we are at number 4, with it saying that we “crush it — just crush it.”

4. Canna Law Blog, by Harris Bricken, edited by Hilary Bricken and the Canna Law Group

Hilary Bricken and the other attorneys who regularly author Canna Law Blog crush it — just crush it. The blog is not about all things marijuana law, but instead focuses exclusively on issues affecting marijuana businesses. Offering commentary on a daily basis, the team at Harris Bricken’s Canna Law Group, with team members in Washington, Nevada, and Illinois, is making a name for themselves, and it’s very well deserved.


But rather than just rest on our laurels (at least for more than another day or two), we implore you to keep letting us know what you want us to cover, both here  you would like us to write here and the issues you would like us to cover on our Canna Law Blog Facebook page.

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