They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XCVII

Marijuana Experiment

And it has lasted too long. Prohibition has only diverted attention from real issues and real corruption. It is time to legalize marijuana everywhere, for everyone.

Do you agree?

BTW, Sebastian Marincolo wrote the book, High: Insights on Marijuana.

One response to “They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XCVII”

  1. I only wish I had said it first, because our Democracy IS an even bigger social experiment. Here’s how Democracies rarely make it past where we are today corruption sets in the ruling class, in fact, we are as a nation, one if not the longest running one in history, the reasons they fail is the people let down their guard after about where we were back in the day of the Viet Nam war

    Nixon fell because it, and in the brief time it occurred we did have a remarkable event that protected us from further declines to our form of Government, Impeachment. Nixon’s power mad Presidency thankfully closed because of the American People couldn’t tolerate his presence in the White House any longer, and he resigned because his ego couldn’t take the pain of a full blown impeachment.

    Yet at the level of national debt we’re shouldering, even before I wrote this like back before I was born 59 years ago, it is absolutely unsustainable. It is historical fact that this is how Democracies work when the people take up the reins of self Governance, it flourishes. Yet let the people drop their roll in self Governance directly, then incomes the professional carpet bagger known as a politician, and the out come is predictable.

    Sounds like I’m pretty good observer, because this is how Democracy fails, just like the prohibition did, freedom comes at the price of eternal vigilance. We have not been it’s best keepers, or I wouldn’t have felt the need to blog here. Let’s keep on pushing for freedom, it’s worth it! Our national cemeteries show us the price others paid for us today, so we could have a tomorrow. And no, I’m not running for office any where, any time soon…That’s a younger, more skill full liar’s job to run for office, seem’s there’s no shortage of late.

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