They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XCV


Legalizing cannabis for medical use is necessary and in many respects a basic human right. But legalizing marijuana for recreational use must happen as well and there should be no stigma in calling for that. Everyone should have the right to make their own decision as to whether to consume cannabis for fun. Yes fun. And there should be no stigma for that.

Do you agree?

2 responses to “They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XCV”

  1. Of course I agree, it is a fundamental right to choose what one ingests, be it food, clean water, air, and tobacco, sugars, or alcohol, all of which can lead to major health issues, and harm. We have a severe health problem with obesity in the U.S. But the costs to society from tobacco were in the health care, those costs were estimated to be over 65 BILLION A YEAR! And that was over a decade ago I’m not against people being allowed to make personal choices, but they should pay for the freedom to choose what they inhale, drink, eat, or any other choices they make.

    So here we are in the middle of legal night mare Government created for it’s own people. And I hate to say this, but these bad laws were written in a time of ignorance, and they were written by member’s of the legal profession, it’s time for the profession to atone for this gross mis-judgement, and just unschedule this plant, tobacco is the one that should be scheduled at the minimum of schedule 3. I’ll probably catch some flack for that comment, but I still have the right to speak freely, and so I m. My Brother Dave died 12 years ago from tobacco, and tobacco use was listed as the cause on his death certificate. So take it or leave big tobacco, you can afford it, your rich off the lives of the addicts your product destroyed.

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