They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XCIII


Margaret Cho on Marijuana


We love this quote for two reasons, the first being the most obvious: Ms. Cho is right. Cannabis is “easier on the body” than either alcohol or nicotine, and comparing the death rates between these substances proves it. But we also like how she makes the point to note how these things specifically impact the Asian community, where cannabis is generally more stigmatized than in the United States as a whole.

Your thoughts?

One response to “They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XCIII”

  1. Great quote of the week, and the Government knows this is the truth, but the Government isn’t known to be truthful across all cultures, and faiths. Humans do a pretty poor job of controlling the Governments we create. This is why we end up in civil wars, but we know this right? Well,… do we really know this? I guess not…

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