They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part LXXVIII

Carly Fiorina“My husband, Frank, and I buried a child to drug addiction. The pot today is very different than pot Jeb [Bush] just admitted to smoking 40 years ago.”

– Presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina at the last Republican Presidential Debate


First off, Ms. Fiorina, we are sorry for the death of your children. We can only imagine how truly awful that must of been and we truly feel for you.

But getting from that point to talking about pot is just flat out nonsensical, and for so many reasons.

According to your own book, your daughter died from alcohol abuse, prescription pill abuse, and bulimia, none of which have anything to do with cannabis. So your linking pot to your child’s drug addiction is just wrong.

It is wrong in the bigger picture as well, in that nobody has ever died from cannabis overuse and cannabis use is NOT a gateway to prescription pill usage (if anything, it is a replacement) or to alcohol abuse.

Drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and cannabis usage are all very serious topics and therefore accuracy on them matters. You failed us on this.


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