They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part LXXIV

“First it was Michael Jackson, then Amy Winehouse, now the magnificent Whitney Houston. I’d like every person in this room to campaign to legalize drugs. Let’s legalize drugs like they did in Amsterdam. No one’s hiding or sneaking around corners to get it. They go to a doctor to get it.”


– Tony Bennett at a pre-Grammy gala in 2012, very soon after the overdose death of Whitney Houston.

Many were angered and others were dumbfounded after Tony Bennett said the above on the heels of Whitney Houston’s death. We get that. The real question (and one on which our firm’s cannabis lawyers are decidedly split) is whether legalizing all drugs would reduce or increase harm.

Not exactly on marijuana, but certainly related. There are good arguments on both sides of the issue and we encourage you to give us your thoughts on full legalization below. And as a prompt question, if we were to legalize something like heroin, how should it be regulated?