They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part LXV

It's a Yin and Yang thing.
It’s a Yin and Yang thing.

Sorry for getting all philosophical on you, but please bear with us here. One of our lawyers loves talking about yin and yang and of how virtually everything has two sides to it. That which is initially perceived as positive has negatives and that which is initially perceived as negative has positives.

Wikipedia describes yin and yang as follows:

In Daoist philosophy, dark and light, yin and yang, arrive in the Dàodéjīng (道德經) at chapter 42.[18] It becomes sensible from an initial quiescence or emptiness (wuji, sometimes symbolized by an empty circle), and continues moving until quiescence is reached again. For instance, dropping a stone in a calm pool of water will simultaneously raise waves and lower troughs between them, and[citation needed] this alternation of high and low points in the water will radiate outward until the movement dissipates and the pool is calm once more. Yin and yang thus are always opposite and equal qualities. Further, whenever one quality reaches its peak, it will naturally begin to transform into the opposite quality: for example, grain that reaches its full height in summer (fully yang) will produce seeds and die back in winter (fully yin) in an endless cycle.

It is impossible to talk about yin or yang without some reference to the opposite, since yin and yang are bound together as parts of a mutual whole (for example, there cannot be the bottom of the foot without the top). A way to illustrate this idea is[citation needed] to postulate the notion of a race with only men or only women; this race would disappear in a single generation. Yet, men and women together create new generations that allow the race they mutually create (and mutually come from) to survive. The interaction of the two gives birth to things, like manhood.[19] Yin and yang transform each other: like an undertow in the ocean, every advance is complemented by a retreat, and every rise transforms into a fall. Thus, a seed will sprout from the earth and grow upwards towards the sky—an intrinsically yang movement. Then, when it reaches its full potential height, it will fall. Also, the growth of the top seeks light, while roots grow in darkness.

The Dao De Jing says this:

When people see things as beautiful,

ugliness is created.

When people see things as good,Cannabis business lawyers

evil is created.

Being and non-being produce each other.

Difficult and easy complement each other.

Long and short define each other.

High and low oppose each other.

Fore and aft follow each other.


We LOVE the above quote on marijuana being an exit drug because it turns common thinking on its head by highlighting how marijuana can be the exact opposite of a gateway; it can be an exit.

We have certainly heard as many stories of marijuana enabling people to eliminate hard drugs as we have of marijuana allegedly being their “gateway.” Countless people use marijuana instead of potentially harmful prescription medicines. In states with medical marijuana, painkiller deaths drop by 25%.

Marijuana is “just” a plant and its benefits and harms depend on how it is used. Anything can kill you, it just depends on the dose. Drinking too much water can drown you. Consuming small amounts of arsenic will not.

It’s a yin and yang thing.

Do you agree?

2 responses to “They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part LXV”

  1. No, I don’t agree. First of all, the gateway theory has been debunked time and time again, so it doesn’t apply, especially to cannabis. And if we were to give any credibility to this theory, we would have to go back to the first drug used by a person in their lifetime, which would be something like Tylenol, sugar, caffeine, nicotine or alcohol, not cannabis.

    Second of all, cannabis is not really an exit drug, but falls more in the category of harm reduction. It is much less harmful than alcohol, prescription drugs, and “hard” street drugs.

    Thirdly, there is no opposite to the benefits of cannabis, no dark to the light created by this plant. Cannabis does not cause death. In fact, it can actually cause a longer life, especially when it comes to treating things like anxiety, depression, pain, and cancer.

    • I used cannabis to get off of certain things, but you are actually dead on, right here. Very well articulated, and extremely valid points.

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