They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part LIV

Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Folmer:
“The fear of this [marijuana] plant is just totally nuts. This should be regulated like lettuce.”
Since this blog’s inception we have always argued for looking at cannabis from a common sense perspective, rather than politicizing it. Republican, Democrat, liberal or conservative, there are so many good reasons for legalizing that politics need not be a factor. Want to take money away from criminals? Legalize. Want to save money on law enforcement? Legalize. Want to end discriminatory arrests and thereby improve police-community relations? Legalize. Want to increase tax revenues for your favorite government program, whatever that may be? Legalize. Want to reduce violent crime by de-funding criminals and by freeing up police forces to pursue such crimes? Legalize. Want to keep the government out of our private lives? Legalize. Want to put a dent in big pharma and big alcohol and big tobacco? Legalize. We can go on and on.

So when we see a politician with the guts to speak strongly about how ridiculous prohibition has been, we feel compelled both to applaud it and to use it in a Quotable Saturday post. This quote comes from Pennsylvania Republican State Senator Mike Folmer while arguing in favor of a Pennsylvania medical marijuana bill.

For 70 years, the citizens here in Pennsylvania have been lied to … We’ve been bamboozled. The fear of this plant is just totally nuts. This should be regulated like lettuce.

Common sense from an elected official. Pass it on.