They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CXXXVII


Cannabis lawyerBy now nearly all of you know that Trump has appointed anti-cannabis zealot Jeff Sessions as our new Attorney General. For the impact this might have on cannabis we urge you to read BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Sessions Named as AG: Doom for Pot? and Trump’s Pot Policy. Jeff Sessions is now our country’s head lawyer and that, sad to say, makes him our head cannabis lawyer as well.

But this post is not going to so much be about Sessions as we have covered that turf previously. This post instead is going to focus on his quote and on what sort of person would even say something like that. Seriously, who out there still believes there to be something immoral about consuming cannabis now and again? Who out there would say that consuming cannabis makes you a bad person? Jeff Sessions would say that, but — and this is a serious question — how many actually believe this? Is an 88 year old who has led an exemplary life who consumes cannabis to keep his food down after chemotherapy a bad person for having done that (this was true of the father of one our lawyers)? Is a person with MS who consumes cannabis to be more mobile a bad person? What about someone who consumes cannabis to relax because this person does not like alcohol?

Go ahead and raise issues about the health of cannabis. We would disagree with you, but we would not make it personal. Say that people should not be allowed to consume cannabis for recreational purposes. Again, we would disagree with you, but we would wish you no ill will.

But whoever says that those who consume cannabis are bad people are themselves the “bad people.”

Do you agree?


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