They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CXXXII


It’s true, and this quote from conservative journalist and commentator Michelle Malkin perfectly encapsulates what we wrote about two weeks ago for Quotable Saturday–that cannabis legalization should  not be an issue specific to a particular political agenda. It’s an everyone issue. Though we understand that recreational use may be favored by certain political parties more than others, it’s truly unconscionable that medical marijuana is not legal everywhere.

As Malkin says, chronic and terminal illnesses know no partisan affiliations; they can and do affect those of all (and no) political leanings. Though the DEA continues to deny marijuana’s medical efficacy, those of us who actually care about our citizens as human beings must continue pushing for cannabis legalization.

No one should be denied medicine or be forced to visit other states to obtain it, especially parents seeking treatments for the child they love. A system that denies viable health-care options to those in need on the basis of ideology is immoral and only damages us all.

One response to “They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CXXXII”

  1. It is cruel not to have cannabis legal, my 41 year old friend would not have died from cancer, my own 3 loved children would not have been taken from me by CPS and forced to live with their dads, now they will forever have trust issues, they know how to lie, and they count down the days they can come back and live with their mommy, all because of a plant. It’s sad

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