They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CXLV


Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch points to one of the major issues posed by a federally illegal substance being state legal in some states. Though it is for the most part true that dispensaries (in Colorado and other states with legal cannabis) will not be raided by the Feds simply for legally distributing marijuana, they remain federally illegal.

And really, whether you think cannabis should be legal or illegal, we ought to be able to agree that a betwixt and between situation is not good for anyone. Does it make sense for something to be federally illegal in all fifty states, and yet enforced by the Feds in just some of them? This sort of situation weakens the rule of law and that is bad for just about everyone. And if cannabis is going to be legal (which it should be) cannabis businesses should be treated by the “tax man” just like any other business. Fairness requires that and the unfairness of the current situation is bad for everyone.

The sooner cannabis is legal nationwide and the sooner those in the cannabis business are treated by the law no differently than those in any other legal business, the sooner our entire country will benefit.

Do you agree?

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