They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CVI

Marijuana Legalization

This quote by the late great Supreme Court Justice Brandeis describes exactly the process by which legal marijuana is currently being tested. In 2014, former President Bill Clinton also suggested we leave cannabis up to state government, saying: “I think we should leave it to the states. If the state wants to try it, they can. And then they’ll be able to see what happens.”

And we have been trying it, and to resounding success. In 2015, Colorado raised more tax revenue from marijuana than alcohol–to the tune of $125,000,000. Daily cannabis sales in Washington exceed $2,000,000. One Oregon dispensary alone made $50,000 on its first day.

What do you think? Is this state-by-state experiment going well? Have we now reached the stage where it’s time to make the entire country a part of this grand experiment, or will further federal liberalization, but leaving it up to the states be enough?