They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CV

Alicia Keys

The DEA will over the next few months be considering rescheduling cannabis. This reclassification would be a small step toward policy reform, but true reform can only happen through full legalization. Only legalization can keep those who consume cannabis out of prison, and only then can we deem the War on Drugs over and can true healing begin.

Your thoughts?

2 responses to “They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CV”

  1. I’m just glad I live in legal state, I’m not calling the Kettle back when I say “if our Federal Government really wanted a drug that needed to be illegal, it’s Nicotine”. Yet it isn’t and it shouldn’t be anymore then tobacco then Cannabis is. The difference is Cannabis is medicinal, and tobacco is not, so tax the living hell out of it, and leave my medicine out of any tax scheme, I will grow my own and pay no taxes as I am a patient. Bye bye Mr. tax man…

  2. Yes, let’s keep the pesticides on our food and in our air. Laws about not polluting air or water. So many preservatives in our food that we consume daily, that by the time we die, we won’t need to be embalmed, it’s already been done. Complaints about deforestation, ozone, global warming, etc.
    By making cannabis legal, ALL of those problems fall away. New plants everywhere would not only increase our oxygen worldwide, but save the forests, the rare species of life that live in those forests. I implore those who read this to also read the book, The Shack. It wasn’t created by man like alcohol was. It was meant to heal. But not only heal humans, heal the Earth as a whole. So much more to say and research. Google Cannabis and the bible. Cannabis and cancer. All good reading for those who really care. I’m out!

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